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Stay informed on vital information during an emergency with Kaito™ Voyager™ Radio. Truly a radio for any emergency with multiple power sources, flashlights, cell phone charging tips, and more! With the Voyager™, you can stay up-to-date by listening to FM, AM, Shortwave, or 7 pre-set NOAA weather band frequencies.

Keep the radio powered by using a built-in adjustable solar panel, winding the hand-crank, inserting 3-AA batteries, or connecting an external power source through the USB or AC adapter ports*. With 5 built-in LED lights, the Voyager™ also gives you light in time of need. You can even listen to music or weather updates with the USB port or use it to charge your cell phone or mp3 player.

You don’t have to wonder what’s going on during an emergency, stay connected with the easy-to-use Voyager ™ radio.

For more information, see the tabs below.

Click on the Additional Info, Tech Specs, and Contents tabs to learn detailed information about this product. *The AA batteries, USB power cord, and AC adapter are sold separately. One-year warranty through Kaito.

great radio

What a great radio it gets great reception even in valleys that often muddle lesser radios. You get three options to power it four if you purchase a AC adapter. I have found it will even run directly from the solar panel even with the rechargeable battery removed. The crank charger works well I have been able to use it to charge various usb powered devices with great success. I'm very pleased with this radio

Posted on 3/11/14 by John O

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Tech Specs

Download PDF

Kaito Voyager Manual
Weight: 1.22 lbs. (19.5 oz.) Dimensions: 5.5” high x 8” wide x 2” thick Radio Size: 8” x 5” x 2.6” Radio Ports:
  • Earphone Jack
  • USB Port Charge Out (some cellphones, mp3 player, etc.) Charge Built-in Battery
  • AC Adapter 3.5 mm Jack (adapter sold separately)
Radio Reception:
  • AM: 520-1710 KHz
  • FM: 87.00-108.00 MHz
  • SW1: 3.20-9.00 MHz
  • SW2: 9.00-22.00 MHz
  • Weather Band: 7 Pre-set Channels
Additional Info
*The AA batteries, USB power cord, and AC adapter are sold separately. One-year warranty through Kaito.

  • This radio is durable, yet lightweight with a rubberized body that is water resistant<./li>
  • Does not charge Apple products
  • NOAA stands for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • When using the NOAA Weather Alert, it is recommended that the radio is plugged into a power source through the USB Port (In) or AC Adapter 3.5 mm jack (USB cord or AC adapter not included)
  • One minute of winding will give roughly 12 minutes of radio play
  • The Voyager™ radio does not charge up Apple® iPhones or iPads.
  • The optional AA batteries cannot be recharged in the radio, only the internal Ni-MH battery is rechargeable.
  • 6 ways to power the Radio: Hand Crank Dynamo, Solar Panel, USB Power In, AC Power In, 3 AA Batteries, Built-in Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery.
  • Red or Green LED lights on the front of the radio indicate when the radio is on or when the batteries are low
  • 3 lighting options: 5 LED reading lamp lights (under solar panel), white LED light, flashlight red S.O.S. LED for emergencies
    • Kaito™ Voyager™ (Black)
    • Kaito™ Voyager™ (Black)
    • Kaito™ Voyager™ (Black)
    • Kaito™ Voyager™ (Black)