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  • As the seasons change we ought to be sure our car is prepared for them. Depending on your circumstances and location, your level of preparation may vary. You may need snow tires, new windshield wipers and fluid, anti-freeze, heater/air conditioner service, recommended scheduled tune-ups, etc. For everyone it should mean preparing your car for whatever could happen.

    When preparing your car it is wise to remember to make preparations also for your family. (...)

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  • Even though we cannot predict or prevent earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, or other natural cataclysmic events, we can prepare our families to cope and survive as optimally as possible. Learning what communication options are available during and after a disaster will bring confidence that you can better protect you and your loved ones. Establish a "meeting place" where family members can gather in the event of an emergency. You may want to select a local school or church. (...)

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  • Unfortunately, there are times when an emergency evacuation from your home is absolutely necessary. When the time to evacuate comes be sure to have your items ready-to-go and that you are prepared. Here are some questions and information regarding emergency evacuation.

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  • iStock_000014299432XSmall

    We all know that we have to cut down on fat and not eat quite so much red meat. (...)

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  • Food Dehydration

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    When it comes to food storage, there are few things more satisfying than “putting up” your own food. Drying, or dehydrating, homegrown produce is one of the traditional ways of food preservation. This process involves removing moisture from food, while exposing it to temperature increases and moving air.

    Dried fruits provide an inexpensive and sweet alternative to sugary store-bought foods. Fruit leathers and jerky are two examples of snack replacements that you can produce at home for mere pennies. (...)

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  • Summer is here, and many individuals and families have the outdoors on their minds. If you’re planning to camp this summer, make sure you’ve got the right supplies and equipment to stay comfortable and safe. One thing that can make or break your camping experience is the sleeping bag you use. Read on for some tips on how to select the right sleeping bag for your camping style.

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  • iStock_000009042518XSmall_Family_Hiking_Fence

    Hiking is a great way to practice your preparedness skills and learn to use your emergency equipment. (...)

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  • 72 Hour Food Planning

    A crisis or emergency is a high stress time for everyone. It is especially important to have high energy foods available during these times. Food that is high in calories (even empty calories) is recommended for these times. If you plan ahead, you can have meals that are not only high in energy, but also nutritious.

    You can live several days without food if you have water to drink, but you won’t be very comfortable when you are used to eating three meals a day plus snacks. (...)

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  • When building your 72 hour kit, it is important to include the necessary food, water, shelter, first aid, light, warmth, etc. In addition to these essentials, some special considerations should be made. Such As:

    •             Caring for babies and small children

    •             The Elderly

    •             Those with special medical needs may require additional items. (...)

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  • Opening a Mountain House can

    As you incorporate your food storage items into your day-to-day menu, you may wonder how long those items will store once they're opened. (...)

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