EGG-Stremely Easy Omelet

August 11, 2009 | 4 comment(s)

Scrambled Egg Mix


I have been backpacking and camping in the great outdoors for many years. One of my favorite breakfasts while camping is the EGG-stremely Easy Omelet. I like cooking this breakfast because I don’t use a single utensil during preparation and it is simple to prepare. If you can boil water you can make the following:

EGG-stremely Easy Omelet


Directions: Mix Provident Pantry Scrambled Egg Mix and any of the above optional ingredients with water in a heavy-duty zip-top bag. Be sure when you are done that the consistency is equal to that of an egg. Drop the pouch into boiling water for apx. 5 minutes. Time may vary. Watch your pouch and when the ingredients are done (like a normal omelet) pull it out and have breakfast. Yes, this can be eaten without even a spoon. Remember to pack out the bag. Keep the environment clean. Happy camping!

Add 2 Tbsp Scrambled Egg Mix to plastic bag
Add enough water to make it the consistency of an egg
Put in boiling water for about 5 minutes
Ready to Eat!
Adding optional sausage
Ready to eat with added sausage
Submitted by Don

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4 thoughts on “EGG-Stremely Easy Omelet”

  • Aaron Neal

    This DOES look way too easy; I'm going to have to order some more freeze-dried goodies and try it out.

    Question - will this same method work with fresh eggs?

    Question 2 - would doing it with egg mix and home-canned tomato sauce (from the garden, instead of tomato powder) work?

    This really has me thinking about some variations for quick and easy breakfasts - not only good when camping and backpacking, but also really useful for getting the family going to work and school with good nutrition on busy mornings. Thanks!

  • foodstr2

    Just an egg-making tip--if you're using fresh (real) eggs, put about 1 tsp milk (or half-and-half) per egg before scrambling. This greatly improves the scrambling and keeps the eggs moist. Might also work with egg mix (never tried it).

  • Anonymous

    "... discard the bag ..." should be ".. pack out the bag...," which is what you meant, I'm sure. This will work with fresh eggs, by the way.

  • Emergency Essentials®

    We definitely meant "pack out the bag." Thanks!


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