Ultimate Emergency Power Combo

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The Ultimate Emergency Power Combo puts the power in your hands. This product is discontinued. See "Products You Might Like".

The Ultimate Emergency Power Combo puts the power in your hands. Power your emergency, your camp, or your recreation silently and emission-free with the Yeti 1250 solar generator. Use the 4 Boulder 30 Solar Panels to recharge the Yeti 1250 generator from the sun. The Light-A-Life lanterns bring you a bright LED lighting system to string up around camp giving you quick outdoor lighting. All of this completed with the Solar Tripod. Never be without power again.

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Tech Specs
Yeti 1250 w/ Roll Cart INVERTER OUTPUT: 1250 watts continuous, 1500 watts max short duration OUTLET PORTS: AC/household - 3, USB - 3, DC/Car -1, DC Goal0 - 2. DIMENSIONS: 16” x 11.5” x 14.5” NET WEIGHT: 103 lbs. BATTERY TYPE: Lead Acid (AGM) BATTERY CAPACITY: 1250Wh (12V, 100Ah) LIFE SPAN: Hundreds of Cycles SHELF LIFE: Charge every 3-4 months WARRANTY: 12 months (6 months on battery) CHARGES FROM: AC Wall Charger 80W (Included/Approx. Charge time: 16-20 hrs), GOAL ZERO Boulder 30 x 2 (Not included/Approx. Charge time: 20-24 hrs), Car Charger 30W (not included/Approx. Charge time: 40+hrs)

Boulder 30M Solar Panel DIMENSIONS: 20”H x 21”W x 1”D NET WEIGHT: 12.2 lbs WARRANTY: 12 months CELL TYPE: monocrystalline CHARGES FROM: Escape 150 Power Pack (Approx. Charge time:11-22 hrs), Yeti 150 Solar Generator (Approx. Charge time: 11-22 hrs), Yeti 400 Solar generator (Approx. Charge time: 26-52 hrs)

Light-A-Life DIMENSIONS: 7”H x 4”D NET WEIGHT: 0.7 lbs INPUTS (12V Port): 6mm or male car adapter 12V, 0.25A max (3W) OUTPUT (Light): 3W total, bulb of white LEDs WARRANTY: 12 months

Solar Tripod for 4 panels DIMENSIONS (folded): 38.5” x 4.5” x 4.5” NET WEIGHT (no pkg): 8.35 lbs WARRANTY: 12 months
  • Ultimate Emergency Power Combo
  • Ultimate Emergency Power Combo