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This Twin Peaks Tent can sleep 3-4 people in its 49 square foot area. Enjoy camping like never before with the Twin Peaks Mountain Trails Tent. This simple to construct tent sleeps 3-4 people in its 49 square foot area. It’s waterproof exterior and attached mud mat help you keep the inside of the tent clean—no more battling against rainy and muddy nights in the mountains.

This compact pack folds up tight giving you more space in the car for coolers, fishing poles, and even inner tubes (depending where you like to camp out).

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Trail Mt tent

I bought this for my bug out bag in my car. It's light and easy to set up and take down,however it would only hold two short adults not 3-4. It would only be great for kids but because the sides are so slanted your head and feet hit the walls. I am 5'4" and my head wants to hit the wall when my ft touch the other side. It seeme to be made ok but like I said earlier I plan to use it in emergencies only. I sprayed it with KIWI Heavy duty water repellent(green can) so I don't know it it leaks and I don't want to take a chance in an emergency. It's a good price for this light weight tent.

{Response from Emergency Essentials - Glad you like the tent Prepper Jo. One tip we'd give here that would be that the tent will be at full length after staked staked to the ground. That should help accommodate taller heights much better.}

Posted on 6/23/13 by Prepper Jo

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Tech Specs

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Twin Peaks Mountain Trails Tent Instructions
shipping weight 5.9 lbs.
Dimensions packed:
approx. 28” long x approx. 5” diameter
Dimensions set up
48” high x 7’ wide x 7’ long
Fiberglass poles
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