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The Sense Of Survival Book

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The Sense Of Survival Book
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The Sense of Survival by J. Allen South will assist anyone interested in working out a plan for personal survival. Collected from a wide range of resources and based on years of experience, this book considers areas such as health, emergencies, and natural disasters. It offers a handy, user-friendly format that offers tried-and-true suggestions.
350 pages of detailed facts about how to prepare for any type of emergency.
Additional Information

Additional Information

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Additional Info No matter who you are or where you live this book gives you information on:

  • how to find water and make it safe
  • what to do before, during and after a natural disaster
  • what a "72-hour emergency kit" may not be enough and how to make it into a "14-day emergency kit"
  • how to select emergency equipment
  • what food to store and how to store and use it
  • how to grow, harvest, store your own garden
  • how to insure proper nutrition in a crisis
  • how to make a basic shelter
  • basic signaling and communication
  • how to find wild edibles and grow and use basic herbs
  • proper emergency sanitation
  • what nuclear war could bring and how you can prepare against it
  • basic first aid
  • how to raise your own animals, hunt, trap, fish, and how to use what you get
  • where to find additional information and much more!
  • Contents The Sense Of Survival Book

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