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The Extractor Complete Bite and Sting First Aid Kit

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The Extractor Complete Bite and Sting First Aid Kit
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The Extractor Kit is an easy-to-use suction pump which can safely and quickly remove significant quantities of venom or irritants from bites or stings.
  • 4 plastic applicator cups (for 5 possible suction area sizes)
  • Safety razor to remove hair for maximum suction.
  • Alcohol pads for wound clean-up and cleaning applicator cups between uses.
  • Sting care pads, topical benzocaine, for pain relief.
  • The complete Bite book.
  • Carrying case.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Additional Info The Extractor pump is the only kit proven scientifically to remove significant quantities of venom from snakebites. Scientific research also proves the Extractor pump removes poison when treating bee stings. The Extractor pump was designed specifically to provide the most powerful suction available to safely remove venoms and poisons. Its suction of 750 milibars is so powerful there is no cutting necessary. This eliminates using and carrying dangerous scalpel blades or knives recommended by less effective kits. The Extractor pump removes the poisons which cause the pain. The suction is created by simply thrusting the plunger downward using the thumb and two fingers.
Tech Specs The complete bite book has all the Do's and Don'ts of treatment and prevention of bites and stings from snakes, bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, fire ants, ticks, scorpions, mosquitoes, spiders, flies and marine life. Also includes a directory of state-by-state poison control emergency phone numbers.
Contents The Extractor® Complete Bite and Sting First Aid Kit

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