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The Charger™ Emergency Flashlight is an all-in-one hand crank flashlight and mobile phone charging adapter. Charges most cell phones that have a car charger (excluding most smartphones). The Charger™ Emergency Flashlight delivers light when you need it most. One minute of hand cranking charges the internal NiMH battery to generate up to 30 minutes of continuous light. There is virtually no need to replace bulbs or batteries. Its two modes (high and low) are excellent for providing light in emergencies.

NOTE: To maintain battery health, charge unit every 3 to 6 months to prevent crystallizing.

Easy to use

I have 2 of these - one for each vehicle. They have come in handy and are very easy to use. Will soon not be able to use them because am switching away from my very basic style cell phone to more modern / sophisticated cell phone. Will be sorry to leave this convenient crank charger behind.

Posted on 3/1/13 by Linda

Love This!

This flashlight is so much nicer than I had anticipated. I own several crank/wind up flashlights, lanterns, radios, and this is one of the nicest & easiest to use out of the bunch. I like that it's durable, has the charger, and also has 2 brightness settings. The winder is nicely constructed & very comfortable and easy to use. I'm really happy with this purchase.

Posted on 4/10/12 by Kelly

Very Pleased

I am extremely pleased with this.. I have heard bad reviews about other flashlight and how the handle broke off too easily so i was sure to be careful opening the package.. later to find out that there was no need.. very durable strong handle.. I donメt like the fact that it doesnメt charge by usb, but I'm sure i will be able to find a cheap adapter for it. :)

Posted on 1/9/12 by Tony

Like it

Easy to crank and plenty of power to charge my LG Accolade cell phone. Compact size. I have one in my home and one in my vehicle in case of evacuation, as we did with Hurricane Rita. Have purchased more for family members. I like it.

Posted on 7/17/11 by Linda B

Great Product

Great product. I just bought several more for my emergency kits, cars and my home. I tested the cell phone charging on my Nokia 5800 Expressmusic pda phone from a dead battery state. Then I made a call and turned off the display. The call lasted over 7 minutes. Plenty of time to make an emergency call.

Posted on 2/23/10 by Paula

Now this one I really like

I bought the flashlight that you shake previously and it hardly throws any light at all. This one is MUCH better. And I hooked my cell phone car charger up to it and lo and behold my cell phone was charging as I cranked. This a handy gadget to have. It's going in my bug out kit. Would be handy to have in the car too, in a pinch.

Posted on 10/26/09 by Catherine W

Worth the money

Definitely worth the price. This LED flashlight has 3 different light modes 1LED, 3 LED and off. Also after charging up the batteries by cranking you can plug in the DC adapter and plug up your car charger for your cell phone. While it is not enough to charge up the entire phone, it is enough to make an emergency phone call or to charge it up a little bit. Thumbs up.

Posted on 9/5/08 by Josiah531

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Tech Specs
about 212 g. (7.5 oz.)
approx. 5.5” long x approx. 2.5” wide x approx. 2.25” thick
Crank time yields:
LED Flashlight: 1 minute cranking time gives up to 30 minutes of use
Cell Phone Charger: 2-3 minutes cranking time gives up to 8 minutes use time
The unit provides:
A 3-LED super-bright mode
A 1-LED bright mode

2 turns per second is generally necessary to produce enough electricity to charge devices(will not charge smartphones)

Additional Info
Includes a DC outlet cable for charging basic mobile phones (excludes most smartphones)
  • The Charger™ Emergency Hand Crank Flashlight with Mobile Phone Adapter
  • The Charger™ Emergency Hand Crank Flashlight with Mobile Phone Adapter
  • The Charger™ Emergency Hand Crank Flashlight with Mobile Phone Adapter
  • The Charger™ Emergency Hand Crank Flashlight with Mobile Phone Adapter