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Cooking with solar energy has never been so portable, lightweight, and easy!

Cooking with solar energy has never been so portable, lightweight, and easy!

Save money by cooking your food with free energy from the sun with the Sunflair® Deluxe Solar Oven Kit! Eat in style during power outages, on outdoor adventures, even fire restrictions, and more!

The Sunflair® Deluxe Solar Oven Kit is a safe, healthy eco-friendly way to cook your food without turning to propane, charcoal, gas, or electricity as fuel (and by so doing, retaining more nutrients). This lightweight, portable stove makes cooking easy. Even if you accidentally leave your food unattended ... it will never burn.

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  • Solar oven
  • 1 Enamelware pot
  • 2 Top-quality LFGB silicone pots
  • 2 Heat-conducting/baking trays
  • 2 Cooking racks
  • 1 Solar oven thermometer
  • 1 User guide with starter recipes
  • 1 Handy carrying bag
Tech Specs
WEIGHT: approx. 3 lbs (1.36 kilos)
DIMENSIONS (stove unfolded): approx. 31” inches long x approx. 19.5” high x approx. 18.5” deep DIMENSIONS - FOLDED: 2” x 15.5” x 19” (5 x 39 x 48 cm)
Additional Info
SUNFLAIR solar ovens are affordable, fun, and easy. They are the most portable and user friendly solar ovens. The stove cooks for 4-8 people and is great for camping (especially where fires aren’t allowed), boating, RV-ing, emergency preparedness, keeping the heat out of the kitchen on a summer day, or for crafts with the kids.

Specially insulated, oven reaches temperatures of up to 250 F (121 C). Compare to slow cookers that range between 180 – 300 F (82-149 C), and liken to a stovetop that reaches 212 F or 100 C (boiling) with simmering at 200 F (93 C). Four-season cooking below 40 degrees latitude, and three season above. A UV index of 4+ is best for solar cooking. For efficiency, align cooking chamber to full sun, making sure shadow is positioned evenly behind oven.

Pots are dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe.

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