Strike-Anywhere Matches (1 Box)


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32-count box of strike anywhere matches. 32-count box of strike anywhere matches. Light these matches with the box’s striking surface, or leave the box behind and strike them on most rough surfaces anywhere. These common matches are good for camping and lighting emergency candles, stoves, or lanterns.

Just OK

Bought 10 boxes but the quality is not what I expected. Definitely not like old time matches. Strikes SOME places but not ANYWHERE like old matches.

Posted on 12/2/12 by TJ

Great Value

Thanks for carrying this product -- they are becoming harder to locate. Great value & excellent product.

Posted on 12/3/10 by JG

Thank You!

After months of fruitless searching I now have several boxes of strike anywhere matches. Thank you so much for carrying them!

Posted on 2/10/10 by Jon

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Tech Specs
Weight: 0.2 oz.
Dimensions: 2.125” long x 1.375” wide x 0.5” thick
  • Strike-Anywhere Matches
  • Strike-Anywhere Matches
  • Strike-Anywhere Matches