5-Piece Stainless Steel Mess Kit


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This 5 piece stainless steel mess kit includes a 7” fry pan with a locking, “stay-cool” handle, a plate/fry pan cover, a 12 oz. saucepan, and an 8 oz. plastic cup. This kit will allow you to cook simple meals in an emergency or in the out-of-doors. The copper bottom on the fry pan provides additional durability and helps with even heating. This 5 piece stainless steel mess kit includes:
  • 7” fry pan with a locking
  • ”stay-cool” handle
  • a plate/fry pan cover
  • a 12 oz. saucepan
  • 8 oz. plastic cup.

Very decent kit

I have been using this kit since 1998, so it is certainly of adequate quality, considering that every piece of the kit (except the cup) has spent countless hours over a bed of hot campfire coals. I gave the kit 4 stars because the copper bottom quickly disappeared on the pan after a few uses, but I have not noticed any issues with heat distribution.

Posted on 5/19/13 by Doug

Better than aluminum

I'm getting into shape to do some significant hiking in the next few years and one of the things I need is new cookware. I owned an aluminum mess kit some years ago and found it to be greatly lacking. Before I go on, please remember that I am planning a hiking trip so this review reflects that thinking (thus only 3 stars).

Research has pretty much convinced me that titanium is the gold standard but unfortunately it comes at a golden price. Reviews on the newer non-stick aluminum forces me to believe it's a hit or miss situation. Thus, I decided to try out this stainless steel 2-person cook set.

This cookware is made in China and, unfortunately, I did not realize that there is quite a weight difference between titanium and stainless. This kit will become the property of my Granddaughter when she goes on her overnight camping trip this summer.

The pans are about average in construction with a flash coating of copper on the bottom with the idea to distribute the heat. I don't plan on testing that theory but it seems sound.

The pots are more than adequate for boiling water for any FD meal, and the pan will cook up a can of hash or small fish fillet. However, cooking some mac & cheese in the larger 40 oz pot might be touch and go.

The two plastic cups are feel decent in the hands and had clean edges. I see no reason why they would not work out fine.

This set might work for you if you need it for your bug-out-bag, are planning a weekend camping trip or hunting away from the cabin. However, if weight is a critical issue, then you are stuck with aluminum or other light weight metal.

There was a minor issue with my set, but a quick email got everything settled. For that and many other reasons I happily say that Emergency Essentials is the place to shop!

Posted on 2/12/10 by Jon

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Tech Specs
Weight: 14.4 oz.
Dimensions: 7” diameter x 3” tall when nested together
Additional Info
Stainless Steel does not distort taste.
  • 5-Piece Stainless Steel Mess Kit
  • 5-Piece Stainless Steel Mess Kit
  • 5-Piece Stainless Steel Mess Kit
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