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An ultra-light, ultra-portable, warm, emergency shelter. An ultra-light, ultra-portable, warm, emergency shelter. This SOL Emergency Bivvy is waterproof and reflects 90% of your body heat to protect you from the cold, wind, and rain. This compact, reusable bivvy fits in your hand when packed. It fits snuggly into your emergency kits. If you're forced to spend the unexpected night outdoors or in your car, hop in the Emergency Bivvy as soon as the temperature drops and instantly improve the odds in your favor.
Tech Specs
Weight: 3.8 oz
Dimensions: 84” x 36”
Additional Info
Life-Saving Techniques from SOL:

A heat-reflective bivvy can function by itself as a shelter from cold, wind, and rain. However, you can still lose critical heat through conduction (the transfer of heat to colder surfaces around you). Thickly pad the area underneath your bivvy with as much dry debris as possible to add insulation between you and the cold ground. Find a safe spot for your shelter that is free from risk of falling trees or rocks, running water if it rains, high winds, or other natural hazards.

  • SOL Emergency Bivvy

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