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Shelf Stable Whole Milk - 8 ounce box (case of 27 boxes)


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Gossner milk is real Grade A milk that is ready to use right out of the box. It has all the vitamins and nutrition of conventional pasteurized milk without requiring refrigeration like standard milk. Gossner® milk is real Grade A liquid milk that is ready to use right out of the box. It has all the vitamins and nutrition of conventional pasteurized milk without requiring refrigeration during storage like standard milk. Gossner® Whole milk has the familiar taste and rich texture of whole milk, but is perfect for meals on-the-go. A great source of vitamins A&D. Use for cooking cheesecakes, puddings, or macaroni and cheese. Specially packaged for freshness and shelf stability, Gossner UHT milk is processed at 280 degrees, stores for 6-12 months and doesn’t require refrigeration. For best flavor, chill before drinking. Refrigerate after opening.

love this but

while preg, my wife kept the smaller, 3 pks on her to drink when she felt hypoglycemic. Now they're sold in the larger shelf stable form. She loves the flavor, however, the shelf life is short - less than a year.

{Response from Emergency Essentials - Thanks for the review and comment Wayne. While 12 months is shorter than most long-term dry foods, this liquid milk is packaged to far outlast the shelf life of standard liquid milk with no refrigeration required during storage. With a great flavor (100% milk), and no refrigeration, this shelf stable milk really comes in handy in several applications.}

Posted on 1/24/14 by Wayne

Shelf Stable Whole Milk

As a single person it makes no sense to buy a quart or half gallon of fresh milk and then throw 3/4 of it away so I have purchased the shelf stable 8 oz size containers for quite a while. Just yesterday I got a first shipment of 1 cup boxes from Emergency Essentials and tried one. It wasn't even chilled as recommended and I can honestly say that while I liked the brands I've had in the past, the Gossner brand far surpasses the others. Yes, all seem to have a bit of a "canned" taste, but Gossner tastes less "canned" than any other brand I've tried. As long as it is this good and is affordable I'll be purchasing this brand from now on.

Posted on 1/17/14 by Travelin' Tramp

shelf stable whole milk

I have bought this brand of milk in a quart size, but in a no electricty world what you don'd drink now is wasted. Yes, there is a slight waxy flavor but it beats powdered milk any day.

Posted on 9/10/13 by EcoWise

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Additional Info
Gossner® milk is Ultra High Temperature processed (over 280 degrees for several seconds) and packaged so that it is shelf stable and stays fresh without refrigeration until the sealed package is opened. Unlike standard milk bought at the grocery store, Gossner UHT milk stores 6-12 months and doesn’t require refrigeration during storage.
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