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The Great Utah Shakeout

The Great Utah ShakeOut:
April 21, 2016 at 10:15 AM

Each year hundreds of thousands of Utahs participate in The Great Utah ShakeOut. As a matter of fact, last year 835,729 committed to participate in the ShakeOut. Join the already 800,000 Utahns signed up to duck and cover during the largest disaster drill in the state.

Why Prepare Before An Earthquake?

Earthquakes strike without warning, and once the shaking starts the time to prepare has past. Unsecured bookshelves, televisions, and other objects can come crashing down all around you. Before an earthquake happens, take the time to learn the proper safety measures, including what to do when the shaking starts and how to best secure your home, so when the shaking does start you’ll be safe, secure, and protected.

And remember to be prepared with food storage!

After an earthquake, food might be hard to come by. The grocery store could have been badly damaged, and trucks might be blocked from entering your city due to road damages or obstructions. These and other possibilities could create a food shortage for at least a couple of days. By having an emergency food storage, you ensure yourself with enough to eat and live comfortably until things get back to normal.

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