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5 Unique Plans to Fit Your Family’s Needs

Homemade Plan: Homemade Plus Plan: Variety Plan: Convenience Plan: Buckets Plan:
Make your own meals from scratch with this complete selection of vegetarian ingredients. Use them to prepare entrees, side dishes, desserts, and drinks. A complete selection of ingredients and meats that allows you to make your favorite entrees, sides, desserts, and drinks from scratch. Huge variety of over 100 just-add-water meals and seasonal freeze-dried and dehydrated ingredients for convenience in preparing many different types of well-balanced, nutritional meals. The ultimate selection of just-add-water Mountain House and Emergency Essentials meals for the easiest and most convenient preparation. The best food supply buckets on the market.
Stackable, portable, and nutritionally balanced.
Most affordable Affordable Most variety (over 100) Most convenient Single-serving pouches
Vegetarian Includes most popular meat choices for protein Many just-add-water meals for convenience Easiest to prepare Just add water and simmer
2,000 calories per day 2,000 calories per day 2,000 calories per day 2,000 calories per day 2,000 calories per day
Make your own recipes from scratch Ability to make your favorite meals from scratch Well-rounded, nutritional meals Just-add-water meals Menu planner included
Good variety of ingredients (74) Good variety of ingredients (78) Most variety (over 100) Over 45 varieties of food and drinks 21 varieties of meals & drinks
Monthly cost: $129 Monthly cost: $154 Monthly cost: $244 Monthly cost: $386 Monthly cost: $370
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