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This solar-powered radio can also be hand cranked for power to keep you connected and informed. Also runs on 3 AAA batteries (not included). Solar / hand-cranking powered radio flashlight with a USB outlet for your electronic devices. The compact Voyager V1™ radio offers multiple benefits all bundled together. Get standard AM/FM stations as well as shortwave bands to receive stations from around the world. The built-in flashlight add additional convenience and functionality. A USB outlet powers many handheld electronics like most smart phones (does NOT charge Apple devices).

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nice little radio

I recently used my Voyager VI radio to charge my cellphone (no cell signal, just for the camrra) while way up in the mountains of Montana. It worked great! Small and lightweight, it's easy to carry anywhere. I used a Pelican #1030 case to keep it in while in my pack.

Posted on 1/14/14 by David

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Tech Specs
Radio dimensions: 13 x 6 x 5 cm
  • 1 Minute of cranking powers up to 15 minutes of radio listening or 1 hour of light
  • A built-in USB port lets you charge your small USB-rechargeable device like smart phones (Does NOT charge apple products)
  • Bands include AM/FM, and Shortwave
  • Super-bright, 3-LED flashlight
  • Built in HD speaker and earphone jack
Additional Info
The Voyager V1 can be powered by multiple sources. You can recharge an internal Ni-MH battery via the built-in solar panel OR cranking dynamo. The battery can also be recharged by a USB outlet using a mini-USB to standard USB cable (not included). The V1 can also be powered by 3 standard AAA batteries.

Note: Recharge every 3-6 months to prevent internal battery crystallization.
  • Voyager V1 Dynamo and Solar Radio - Red