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RADTriage Radiation Detector

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RADTriage Radiation Detector
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The RADTriage card detects harmful radiation, changing color based on how much radiation it has been exposed to (darker color = more exposure). This personal radiation detector is small (the size of a credit card) and is easy to store, carry, and use. Simply put it in your pocket, wallet, or purse. It can also be worn around the neck or from the belt with other id badges. Recently awarded the Edison Patent Award, the RADTriage card is a necessary tool to add to any emergency kit.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Additional Info The RADTriage is a warning and casualty radiation dosimeter. The sensor bar is surrounded by reference swatches to help you determine the level of radiation you have experienced. If the sensor indicates a dose of 250 mSv, contact your health care provider and the county public health office. If the sensor indicates a dose of 500 mSv or higher, go to the nearest Emergency Room for immediate treatment. Sensor color changes are permanent, cumulative, and proportional to the dose of radiation. The amber laminated filter provides a significantly longer shelf life if the card is exposed to direct sunlight. The RADTriage Dosimeter expires one year from issue date or if the area surrounding the dots in the FIT Indicator match or are darker than the Color Reference Bar on the right. This dosimeter supplements, but does not replace, other dosimeters or detectors you may be required to use. Shelf life: 1 year 5 years if kept in freezer
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