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Provident Pantry® Whole Egg Powder is one of the most fundamental items to make your food storage versatile.

Emergency Essentials® Whole Egg Powder is one of the most fundamental items to make your food storage versatile. With roughly 94 extra large eggs in each can, you will add a great source of protein to your supply. These eggs are an important ingredient in a variety of baking, cooking, and other dry mix recipes. They are easy to use and easy to rotate. Packaged for long-term storage, you can enjoy these whole eggs for years to come. You’ll never need to go to your neighbor’s house to borrow eggs again. Just add 2 tablespoons of egg powder and 3 tablespoons of water right to your recipe as a substitute for one extra-large egg.

Also a good source of protein.

Note: The Provident Pantry brand has changed to the Emergency Essentials brand! That means we’re updating labels on all of our products. We are switching labels on all products we are able to at our own facility. However, due to government labeling requirements for meat and eggs, those cans must be returned to a designated labeling facility for updating.

For the time being, all meat and egg products will continue to arrive with Provident Pantry labels. You are still receiving top-notch product, and we’ll begin sending meats and eggs out with Emergency Essentials labels as soon as they are available.

Label Info
Net Weight:
40 oz
% Daily Value
Serving Size Apx 2 Tbsp (12 g)
Servings Per Container Apx 94
Amount Per Serving
Calories 70
Calories From Fat 45
Total Fat 5 g 8%
Saturated Fat 1.5 g 8%
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 205 mg 69%
Sodium 65 mg 3%
Total Carbohydrate 1 g 0%
Dietary Fiber 0 g 0%
Sugars 0 g
Protein 6 g 11%
Vitamin A 2%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 2%
Iron 4%

Ingredients: Dried Whole Egg Solids.

Allergens: Contains Eggs.

Directions: Mix 2 Tbsp. of Whole Egg Powder with 3 Tbsp. of water. Yields the equivalent of 1 extra large egg. Use for any recipe that calls for eggs. When using with other dry ingredients, it is not necessary to reconstitute the eggs. Simply add Whole Egg Powder to the other dry ingredients and increase the liquid measurements by necessary amount.


Good to Have on Hand

These are fine for baking, but I did not like them as well for scrambling. I found that if I mixed some egg whites with the whole egg powder the taste was a lot better. Also, I don't care for the smell, but that's okay as long as I can bake with them. Unfortunately, I ordered 10-12 cans of these at one time(for two people) not knowing that they do not store as long as some other foods. I've been told they are best if used within 7 years. If that is true, I think it should be noted in the description so folks will know when ordering. I am glad I tried them.

{Response from Emergency Essentials – Thanks for your review Gramsy. Whole Eggs are excellent for baking, but not ideal for scrambling eggs. We carry a Scrambled Egg Mix which is ideal for making scrambled eggs, French toast, etc. Eggs are best to use within 7 years, if kept cool and dry. People have been known to store them longer, but an earlier rotation date is recommended. Thanks for your feedback. Please know we are eager to help you in anyway we can.}

Posted on 9/27/13 by Gramsy

whole eggs

made the most delicious scrambled eggs this morning with these, added some of the freeze dried cheddar cheese shred to it and increased the water by about a teaspoon and it mixed up nicely... no clumps or lumps and tasted exactly like it should ;)
will be buying in the #10 size now that I know how good these are!

Posted on 7/28/13 by Brigitte


Have always used them for baking but decided to try to fry them tonight. Need a lot of mixing but fried up great. Tastes great. Made fried rice and the kids didn't notice the difference.

Posted on 6/14/13 by Tracy

Can't Tell The Difference

I have used this product in baking and have made egg drop soup without any family members commenting about "something being different". In the long run, it seems to cost less and it is certainly more convenient than having to run to the store for a carton of eggs before I can make a cake or a batch of cookies.

Posted on 5/3/13 by Granny

Great for baking

Started making cookies and pulled out all the ingredients when I discovered the empty egg carton. Drats! I thought we would be cookieless... until I remembered the whole egg powder in my pantry! I had never used it, but figured I might as well. I mixed the eggs according to the directions on the can. They became thick like real eggs that have been slightly beaten. I was afraid they would cause the cookies to have an aftertaste or something, but the cookies turned out wonderfully. They were perfectly tender, moist, delicious, and no one could tell the difference. I even told a couple of people and they were surprised. I will be purchasing several more cans to use in my baking. LOVE this product!

Posted on 11/19/12 by Teri

wonderful, convenient

We use this in pancakes, cakes, cookies and find it to be wonderful and convenient. We want to always keep whole egg powder on our shelves.

Posted on 10/8/12 by Sharlene

Great Product

We use these eggs for all our baking needs and have never had a failure yet. Next up we need to try them as scrambled eggs. Thanks EE.

Posted on 2/4/12 by M


I loved baking all my holiday treats with this product. I felt safe about not leaving them out of the refrigerator, I could sample the dough to make certain it was the right about of spices and not be worried about salmonella and everything came out fluffy and tasted great! so I whipped up a batch and made omelets.. very tasty too. Great product to have in your years food supply!

Posted on 2/2/12 by Cherie W

Great for baking, and eating cookie dough

I love these eggs. I think that some products, especially brownies, turn out better with these eggs than with fresh ones. I've found that I sometimes have to add a little bit more water to get the right consistency, but they turn out great. I have several cans in my storage, and I use them regularly.

Posted on 11/30/11 by Stacy A

Good for Picky Eaters

I have picky eaters, took these to the mountains. Did not tell them they were powdered follow instruction exactly, added salt pepper and chopped onions. The said it was great then I told them it was powder eggs they were surprised. Next day made french toast, with milk and vanilla and touch of sugar. Got great reviews, from now on we are camping with this product easy to use.

Posted on 7/29/11 by Dawn

better now

The first time I tried them in my xpress 1000, I was not happy at all. I tried to make a ham & cheese omelet,it didn't turn out at all, the dog wouldn't even eat it. I used them later on to make brownies, a double batch, and got a tiny piece. I made a omelet in a pan this time, great. I just need to play with the mix a little

Posted on 8/30/10 by Edward J

Worked beautifully...

My daughter used these to make pancakes and they turned out nice and fluffy! The powdered eggs are so nice to have handy when we forget we're out of eggs!

Posted on 6/28/10 by Jane S

Awesome Eggs

The first order my wife and I placed from EE was a light pack of items to test. One of these items was the egg powder. Tonight we cracked open the can and looked inside for the first time. We looked at each other a little perplexed, but mixed up a small batch to see what they tasted like. The powder is slightly sticky but with a little working you get the hang of it. Mixed in the water and let it sit while we got the kids out of the bath. I then proceeded to heat up the fry pan and make a quick batch of scrambled eggs. When you first pop the can you are hit with an interesting smell. Not what you expect. When you start to fry them, it quickly turns to a very familiar scent. The first taste was of amazement. They did not taste like a typical egg, but much BETTER. These tasted like free range chicken eggs. I thought they were fantastic. I will be purchasing more. Thanks EE!!!

Posted on 6/24/10 by Darin

Try this in cookies!

I was having a play date with my friends' little girls one day when we decided to make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I only had 2 eggs for a huge batch of cookies - substituted the dehydrated eggs and made THE BEST cookies ever with the same-old same-old recipe. Definitely worth a try!!!

Posted on 5/21/10 by Jenna

Eggsellent Product!

I use this in all baking in place of whole eggs and no one can ever tell a difference and it works out to be much cheaper, per egg than whole eggs from the store (even when they're on sale)!

Posted on 12/8/09 by Laura

Many uses

I went so many years without these in my food storage because the idea of them grossed me out. But after trying them, I won't be without. Since we live 10 miles from the nearest town, there is no such thing as a quick trip to the store for eggs. I use them in all my baking now and made a sausage quiche the other day that was delicious. I've never told my husband that I use powdered eggs (he is grossed out by the idea also)and he ate a lot more than his share of the quiche without noticing the difference. I think it will be safe to reveal the secret to him now! I have also mixed in milk and little grated cheese for scrambled eggs that get eaten in a jiffy too.

Posted on 7/26/09 by SL


Mixed some up & fried it in a skillet. The consistency & look was like a thin pancake batter when mixed - doesn't fluff up like a scrambled egg - but it sure tastes good. Just like a hard fried egg. Delicious - and I'll keep plenty of this on hand.

Posted on 5/15/09 by T. W

whole eggs

I keep these in my fridge and use just like eggs in all my baked goods, no more running to the store to get eggs. My only recommendation is that I wish they came in smaller can.

Posted on 12/27/08 by Mary Ann

Whole Eggs

This product is a great find for my family. It bakes in treats or any thing just like I was using fresh eggs. I use these eggs for baking purposes only. When I use the eggs I use warm water for the re-hydration. It is like I use room temp eggs like most recipes call for. You will find that this a great item to have on hand for any kind of baking.

Posted on 7/26/08 by Patsy

Whole Eggs

I use these only in my baking. They get the job done, and what a great thing to have on hand. The only thing that I don't really like is the smell, didn't think that eggs should smell like this, but Maybe they do. Even after baking I still can get a hint of the smell. No one else can smell it, but I do. I will be ordering more eggs soon. For the amount that you get in the can, why go out and buy the eggs? And using these helps me rotate my other items. Great Value!!!

Posted on 7/18/08 by Patsy

Whole Eggs

I started using these in my baking and they work just like regular fresh eggs. The only thing that I don't like is the way that they smell. Maybe it is just me, but I don't care for it. But the product works great when used in baking..

Posted on 5/11/08 by Patsy

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Additional Info
Packed in a #10 can (7” High x 6.25” Diameter) with an oxygen absorber. For best flavor and nutrition, keep cans constantly stored at 70° or lower. Once opened, keep in air tight containers in dark cool places. Learn more about how long you can expect food to store with our Shelf Life Article.

Whole eggs are intended as an ingredient in recipes. For scrambled eggs, we recommend the Provident Pantry® Scrambled Egg Powder when using alone.

Net Weight:
40 oz
  • Emergency Essentialsy® Whole Egg Powder
  • Emergency Essentials Dried Whole Egg Powder Food Storage (nutrition facts)