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Wagan Power Dome EX

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Wagan Power Dome EX
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When an emergency strikes at home or on the road, be ready to handle it with the all-in-one Power Dome EX. It can recharge depleted car batteries with its built-in cables and inflate tires or sports equipment with the included 260-PSI air compressor and needles. For blackouts, emergencies, and camp outs, the self-contained outlets (400-watt AC [2], 5V USB [1], and 12V DC [1]) will run or recharge electronics like TVs, laptops, cell phones, power tools, MP3 players, and DVD players. The built-in AM/FM radio keeps you connected with the news or your favorite tunes. Includes a bright, 5-LED utility light and features overload/short-circuit protection.

NOTE: It is recommended to fully charge battery for 40-48 hours before initial use. After the initial charge, charge the unit for 38 hours every 2 to 3 months to ensure your battery will be healthy and ready to use when you need it.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Additional Info Key Product Features:
  • 600 AMP cranking amp jumpstarter
  • One 18 amp hour DC power outlets
  • iPod / audio input socket allows you to listen to your tunes
  • Heavy duty rust resistant booster clamps
  • Industrial quality #6 gauge cables
  • Safe Storage for booster cables
  • Quick flow inflates 16” tires in 5-10 minutes
  • Tech Specs
    Able to power:
    Tool Charger (15w): 7.5 hr
    Cell Phone Charger (20w): 6 hr
    Digtial Camera (30w): 4 hr
    13" Color TV (70w): 1.2 hr
    Laptop (90w): 56 min
    Work light (100w): 45 min
    Built-in Battery:
    High grade Sealed Lead Acid (Maintenance Free) 18amp-hr
    12V DC; 110 volts AC (nominal)
    Input Charging Source:
    DC or AC w/included cables
    Fuse Type:
    40 Amps external
    Light source:
    5 LED
    Safety Features:
    Overload Protection
    Short Circuit Protection
    UL Listed
    Accessories included:
    AC adapter
    DC cigarette adapter
    air compressor accessories
    Dimensions (inches):
    20 lbs

  • AC Inverter- 2 AC Outlets (115 volts AC 60HZ)
  • Maximum Inverter Output Power- 400 Watts
  • Peak Power- 800 Watts peak surge for a max of 0.3 sec
  • 12V Accessory Outlet- 12 Volt, 11 amps max
  • USB Power Port- 5V up to 500mA 
  • AM/FM Radio- AM 520 to 1710 kHz/ FM 88 to 108Mhz
  • Audio Output Jack- 3.5 mm diameter (1/8 inch)
  • Recharging Time (AC) – 34 hours (can be plugged into the AC outlet for even longer without causing damage to the battery)
  • Max Recharging Time (DC) – with engine running -12hours
  • Jumper Cables and Clamps- 6 gauge heavy-duty clams, 24 inches
  • Contents Wagan® Power Dome EX

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