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Peanut Butter Powder Large Can

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Emergency Essentials®
Peanut Butter Powder Large Can
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A great addition to your emergency food storage or daily use for a healthier alternative to store bought brands. Emergency Essentials® Peanut Butter Powder is processed and packaged for long term storage, so you can enjoy the delicious flavor of peanut butter now or in the years to come. Use as flavoring in baked goods, shakes, sandwiches, Asian dishes, dips, or any recipe that calls for peanut butter.

Peanut butter powder is a good source of protein without the added fat, sugar, and carbohydrates commonly found in peanut butter. The only ingredient is peanuts without any hydrogenated oils, sugar, salt or preservatives. Use the powder as it is for a natural option or add sugar and vegetable oil for a sweeter and creamier peanut butter that is similar to what you buy at the store.

(We offer nearly 3 times more product than our competitors at a similar price!)

Each can provides approximately 89 2-Tbsp servings.
Approximate weight: 2 lbs 12 oz.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Approx. Weight 2lb 12 oz (1.24 kg)
Additional Info

Only ingredient is peanuts. No additives or preservatives.

Directions: Add 2 tsp. of water to 2 Tbsp. Peanut Butter Powder. Add small amount of sugar for taste. A small drop of vegetable oil may be added for texture and flavor. For use in baking, it is not necessary to reconstitute separately. Simply increase liquid according to the amount of Peanut Butter Powder used.

For best flavor and nutrition, keep cans constantly stored at 70° or lower. Once opened, keep in air tight containers in dark cool places. To learn more about how long you can expect food to store see our Shelf Life Article

Packaged with an oxygen absorber in a #10 stainless steel can that is double-enameled to prevent aging and rust. #10 can dimensions: 7” high X 6.25” diameter. To learn more about how packaging makes a big difference in keeping food at optimum levels, view our Food Storage Packaging article.

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