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P-38 Can Opener

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P-38 Can Opener
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This lightweight, simple can opener can be a life saver In an emergency. Keep a P-38 with your stored canned goods. The P-38 is less expensive, smaller, and lighter than the average can opener, making it a good fit for small kits or as a backup opener.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Contents P-38 Can Opener
Additional Info How to use: First, the cutting blade is turned to about a 95-degree position, from its folded position. Then, for a right-handed user, the P-38 is held in the right hand by the flat long section, with the cutting point pointing downward and away from the user, while also hooking the edge of the can through the circular notch located on the flat long section next to the cutting edge. The can is held in the left hand, and the right hand is rotated slightly clockwise, causing the can lid to be punctured. The can is then rotated counter clockwise in the left hand, while the right hand rotates alternatively slightly counterclockwise and slightly clockwise, until the can has been rotated nearly 360 degrees and the lid is nearly free. The lid of the now opened can is lifted and the P-38 is wiped clean, and the cutting point is rotated back to its stowed, folded position. Left-handed users simply hold the P-38 in their left hand, with the cutting point aimed towards them, while holding the can to be opened in their right hand, while also reversing the sense of the cutting hand movements just described.
Tech Specs
1 1/2" long x 1" wide (unfolded)

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