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This lightweight, simple can opener can be a life saver In an emergency. This lightweight, simple can opener can be a life saver In an emergency. Keep a P-38 with your stored canned goods. The P-38 is less expensive, smaller, and lighter than the average can opener, making it a good fit for small kits or as a backup opener.

found it

My dad taught us to use one when we were kids. We used them on camping trips and sometimes around the house. I have one floating around the house and camper but have been looking for a place to get more. I hope these are the real thing and not just a cheap imitation. It does take a little practice to get the rocking motion down. Curl up your fingers into a fist put them against the can thumb against the side of your fingers and slide the p38 into the space between thumb and fingers rock wrist left to right.

Posted on 1/22/12 by Marcie

Put one in every case

They may not be the simplest thing to use...but trust me, they work way better than a knife or screwdriver and a hammer. Been there done that. Had one since Basic Training in '70. I recommend taping one to a can in each and every case of storage you have.

Posted on 1/3/10 by David J


This will take practice to learn how to use effectively if you have never used one before, But I am sure with time we will get better and faster. Would have given 5 stars if it were easier to handle, it's size is compact which makes it mildly difficult for large hands but easy to carry.

Posted on 3/13/09 by Nancy

Love P-38 Can Opener

I owned my original P-38 since 1962, acquired during the Cuban missile crisis in a pack of emergency packets. I was a young child in an Air Force family. I recently lost it, having had it for over 45 years.

Posted on 12/12/08 by Robin

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Tech Specs
1 1/2" long x 1" wide (unfolded)
Additional Info
How to use: First, the cutting blade is turned to about a 95-degree position, from its folded position. Then, for a right-handed user, the P-38 is held in the right hand by the flat long section, with the cutting point pointing downward and away from the user, while also hooking the edge of the can through the circular notch located on the flat long section next to the cutting edge. The can is held in the left hand, and the right hand is rotated slightly clockwise, causing the can lid to be punctured. The can is then rotated counter clockwise in the left hand, while the right hand rotates alternatively slightly counterclockwise and slightly clockwise, until the can has been rotated nearly 360 degrees and the lid is nearly free. The lid of the now opened can is lifted and the P-38 is wiped clean, and the cutting point is rotated back to its stowed, folded position. Left-handed users simply hold the P-38 in their left hand, with the cutting point aimed towards them, while holding the can to be opened in their right hand, while also reversing the sense of the cutting hand movements just described.
  • P-38 Can Opener
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