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Having a supply of MREs is a great way to eat superb, easily prepared meals when you’re camping or during an emergency.

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Having a supply of MREs is a great way to eat superb, easily prepared meals when you’re camping or during an emergency. The One-Week MRE Food Supply provides three entrees a day, delicious side dishes, snacks, desserts, drinks, and more for 7 days. Having a supply of MREs is a great way to eat hearty pre-cooked foods, crucial for a quick meal during an emergency. Stored in metalized pouches, they warm up quickly and easily open to enjoy. The on-the-go convenience of MREs makes them ideal for any emergency kit. You can also rotate these MRE meals into your camping, backpacking, or everyday meal planning.

From an MRES pro (an infantryman)

I was an Infantryman for years. I read all the reviews posted here. Mr.Es as we call the (MREs) are baised on a 3600 cal diet per meal people. Would not recommend them for an average person 3 times a day. Spread them out in an emergency and plan them for a 5-7 yr rotation also. A good friend bought this for me when I was going on a trip. I was brought back to the training days from basic and ranger school lol. This can last the week and more with proper food rationing. Not in the case I was used to. Good job on the packaging guys.

Posted on 6/29/14 by Azbrodie

Can't go wrong!

Retired Marine father-in-law swore by these, even years after he retired if he wasn't grilling he was eating MRE's. Ever since, so have we! There's the one or two questionable entrees... but what line of food doesn't. Overall... My husband and I would happily live off of these. As an added bonus, not only are they tasty, they come with drinks and snacks!! But the meals are packed with essential vitamins, nutrients, and carbs needed to survive on sporadic meals if need be, perfect for any survival situation life may throw at you! No wonder our service men and women depend on these.

Posted on 5/12/14 by Selene

Under rated

I too was skeptical about eating MRE's given the stories I've heard about how nasty they are, but they are actually pretty tasty. Granted there are a couple entrees that aren't what I consider tasty, but overall I'd say they are good and my 9 y/o daughter LOVES them. We eat them at least once every two weeks as part of revolving our food storage and once we determined which we like most, we replenish with those. We stick with food that we would normally eat and usually can't go wrong.

Posted on 10/10/13 by Chad

Love It

Package was packed well. I tried the the chicken noodle veg one and it was quite good.

I am making emergency bags for the car for my family this Christmas and will divide the MRE's between them along with other supplies for winter emergencies.

After the rain and flooding here in Colorado I'm thinking we might get a lot of snow maybe a blizzard.

Good to be prepared

{Response from Emergency Essentials - We're happy you like them Katrina. One caution we would add is that MRE's are very temperature sensitive, so keep that in mind for outdoor storage}

Posted on 10/7/13 by Katrina

Always liked them.

I got hooked on them while I was in the Marines. They "MRE'S" aren't ment to be fine dining; but an emergency food supply. My wife and I always liked trading with each other, we did this also while I was in the service. I just thank the good Lord that you can find them in the civilian world. They come in pretty handy in a real emergency. Thanks again.

Posted on 10/4/13 by Ben

Not Organised

I ordered a case of this few months back just to see what it was like and there be a few issues. the randomness guaranteed that some items were going to be unpleasant and the lack of proper organization prevented me from sorting the whole pack by day. since side dishes and main entrees have the exact same packaging I couldn't tell if one was a side dish or a vegetarian main entrée and to which main entrée goes with a side or not. got everything else sorted fine

{Response from Emergency Essentials: Thanks for your review Gusty. I am sorry to hear that your MRE One Week Food Supply arrived unorganized. We do ship this product in an organized manner, but occasionally product like this will become unorganized while in transit. In our catalog and on our web site we do list what items are main dishes entrees and which ones are side dish entrees. We can also answer this question over the phone. Please know you can contact us at anytime so we can answer any questions or address any concern. Thanks again for your review.}

Posted on 9/29/13 by Gusty

Life is like a case of MREs...

You never know what you'll Get!

It is much cheaper to buy “grab bag” cases of MREs than to buy individually. However, these cases give you no choice in what you get. What if half the case is made up of things that are so disgusting that eating them in an emergency (when you are probably already miserable) will REALLY make you miserable or something you’re even allergic to? Then part of your storage is worthless and you just wasted your money. I once bought a case of MREs and there is no way my picky daughter will EVER eat, say, the pork sausage patty which looks and smells like cat food. I suggest sampling the individual items and then buying only the ones deemed edible by EVERY member of your family or household. It is more expensive this way, but at least you know you will actually be able to eat the food you have stored. MREs are an important part of diverse food storage, just be careful when buying and storing them.

{Response from Emergency Essentials - Thanks for your review. Purchasing a pre-packaged supply is often a great option for saving money and receiving a variety of MRE flavors. We understand that this may not be a wise option for everyone because of personal preferences, health concerns, allergies and other factors. We sell each MRE entrée, side dish, dessert, accessories, heater and other kit components individually so those who want can select items they know will work for them. We are sorry to hear that you are not pleased with MRE Pork Sausage Patty. Please know anytime you receive an item you are not pleased with for any reason, please contact us directly so we can make it right with you. We agree, MRE’s are an important part of a food storage plan. Thanks again for your review.}

Posted on 4/14/13 by Jennifer

Great product

This is the second time ordering this product. The package arrived after 3 days in a large 26 pound box.The quality and taste of the food is actually very high. Granted it is not 4 or 5 star restaurant dining, one will find it to be quite filling. There are people out there who may question the purchase but I say try a test order and see how it tastes for yourself. I actually keep a few MREs in my car, and at work because you never know what might happen. Will order again and again...

Posted on 10/11/12 by Joshua


As a prepper i have always been the type of person that would rather spend a lot of money for quality instead of go cheap and regret it. With these MRE's I honestly think I got a lot more than I paid for, Quick delivery,incredible selection, GREAT customer service as I purchased over the phone. This is how business is done and as a very particular prepper i say WELL DONE and you have my business

Posted on 3/1/12 by Jerry


I work in construction, and work out of town a lot. I always have a box of these with me. I never have to worry about trying to find food for my lunchpail at a convenience store, or keeping food cold. I save a fortune not going out to eat every night, and overall the food is good. I supplement a little with a jar of nuts and some fruit, but all in all it's enough food. I have never used up the whole box in a 5-6 day workweek, and could get by for seven days if I had to. When you can eat out of town for a week, for under a hundred bucks, what's not to like?

Posted on 5/10/11 by Jared

Great product

use to sample a lot of great meals. After sampling, we ordered a number of individual meals for camping & emergencies. Especially loved the chicken & dumplings, cheese tortellini and chicken salsa. The side dishes, deserts and snacks are much better than we expected as well. Highly recommend.

Posted on 11/16/10 by Rick

Actually very good

I have purchased a months supply now by purchasing 72 hour and 1 weeks MRE's. I have had the mashed potatoes which are actually good, the cracker was kinda dry, but good and a nice size. The peanut butter and jam, good also. I like the spaghetti, the macaroni and chili was very good, the maple sausage also. It seems that all the major meals were good tasting. Use these for camping, canoeing, and hope I don't have to use them in an emergency but if I have to, one can survive. I plan on rotating every year, keeping them in a dry closet to get the use out of them If the economy or whatever crashes I can survive hopefully until the crises passes and I can use survival skills.

Posted on 9/10/10 by Captyain Jack

Great Taste

I haven't tried any of the main dishes yet but the pound cake and the brownies taste fresh. My kids love them.

Posted on 7/11/10 by Michael

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Additional Info
MRE is the acronym for Meals-Ready-to-Eat. These pouch meals were originally designed for our soldiers in the U.S. Military. These dishes are precooked and can be eaten cold or heated. Great attention goes into developing the recipes for MRE’s. For best flavor and nutrition, keep MREs constantly stored at 70° or lower.
Easily cook an MRE at home by placing the metalized pouch in a pot of boiling water (unopened), wait a few minutes, pull it out, tear it open at the notched edge, and enjoy. Learn more about MRE shelf life with our insight article - MRE Shelf Life
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