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Mountain House® beef stew is a delicious combination of potatoes, beef, carrots, peas, and seasonings. Mountain House® Beef Stew is a hearty and satisfying favorite that is simple to prepare. Use as a gourmet meal or during your family’s time of need. This freeze dried entrée is a delicious combination of potatoes, beef, carrots, peas, and seasonings packaged to store up to 25 years. Simply add hot water and within 10 minutes you will have a nutritious gourmet meal. Add familiarity to your food storage that both adults and children will want to eat. Ideal for food storage, camping, backpacking, and more!

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Label Info
% Daily Value
Serving Size 1 1/4 Cup (49 g)
Servings Per Container 10
Amount Per Serving
Calories 210
Calories From Fat 60
Total Fat 9 g 13%
Saturated Fat 2 g 10%
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 20 mg 6%
Sodium 850 mg 36%
Total Carbohydrate 23 g 8%
Dietary Fiber 3 g 11%
Sugars 4 g
Protein 12 g
Vitamin A 70%
Vitamin C 25%
Calcium 2%
Iron 10%

Ingredients: Potatoes, Cooked Beef, Carrots, Peas, Corn Oil, Modified Corn Starch, Hydrolyzed Corn Torula and Brewed Yeast Wheat Gluten Soy Protein, Dehydrated Onions, Salt, Sugar, Spices, Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Garlic Powder and Spice Extract.

Allergens: Contains Wheat, Soy


a little chewy

I love the taste of M.H. Beef Stew,i didnt think it would be so difficult to get the beef soft enough ,that it is comparable with bought beef you cook up at home.I even let the stew sit for 20 mins after boiling.maybe im doing something wrong? I went by the cans directions and let it sit for 12 mins and it was uneatable hard carrots and meat.When i let the stew sit for 20 mins the potatoes peas and carrots were fully cooked but the beef was on the chewy side maybe a full 1/2 hour will do it ??

Posted on 10/9/14 by Helen

Good meals

I was skeptical at first being a picky eater, but the taste is rather nice and the cost is very reasonable. I always add more potatoes and some fresh meat when I make it for the kids but even on its own, the stew is good and great for camping, or cold days.

Posted on 5/17/13 by April

beef stew

my wife & I both liked it a lot better after we added some bouillon.

Posted on 6/21/12 by ken

Great over rice

I can feed a whole family with some rice and beef stew. I can add other dehydrated vegies to this when I rehydrate it. Love the flavor.

Posted on 10/16/11 by Bob


My husband and I were surprised at how yummy this is! It tastes just as good as many of the homemade stews I've eaten over the years. Of course, the beef bits are smaller than what you might have in homemade, but the flavor is very good. I would definitely recommend this one be in your pantry.

Posted on 11/19/10 by Tiffany

Great Stuff !

This item is great! It solves several issues. Stores a long time, it's a complete Hot meal reconstituting as it cooks. Works best if you can cook it and let it sit for longer than recommended time. (the beef takes a little longer to reconstitute.)

Posted on 3/3/10 by Bruce

Fantastic for little ones

My 10 month old and I think this stuff is fantastic. We have reduced the amount of waste materials with traditional baby food (no more jars, foil, or plastic containers). The size and texture of the beef and vegetables are perfect for her. And the broth adds just the right balance of flavor for her palate. I strongly recommend this to all of my friends.

Posted on 2/8/10 by Connie


My wife and I were camping, and the temperature went way below what was predicted (9 degrees). At dinnertime, we fixed up a batch of stew and it turned our whole night around! It warmed us up, and was very delicious! I credit the meal with the night being much better than it would have been without it! I won't leave home without Mountain House in the Jeep!!!!

Posted on 10/25/08 by Nicholas

Good Stuff

I really enjoy this stuff. I ate it when I was really hungry and forgot to add my customary seasonings, the results have surprised me. Adding seasoning will probably make it better, but again as is...this is mmmm good.

Posted on 9/7/08 by Jack

Makes great leftovers

This stew makes great leftovers. It tastes homemade. We ladled this over egg noodles and feasted for days.

Posted on 8/7/08 by Richard

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Additional Info
Mountain House, a part of Oregon Freeze Dry, pioneered freeze dried food creating a lighter weight, better tasting meal. Mountain house has been trusted to feed troops in every theater of combat since the 1960s. Their 40-year legacy has provided high quality, fully cooked, nutritious meals for troops and citizens alike. Click here to access video clips and learn more about this great brand.

Storage and handling tips:
Optimum storage is at normal room temperature conditions. After opening, reseal unused contents with plastic recloseable lid. For best results, contents should be used immediately after opening. However, when protected from moisture, product has been found acceptable up to 1 week after opening. Please note: #10 cans are sold by weight, not volume. Some settling may have occurred due to shipping, handling or variations in the product density.

For best flavor and nutrition, keep cans constantly stored at 70° or lower. Once opened, keep in air tight containers in dark cool places. To learn more about how long you can expect food to store see our Shelf Life Article.

Packaged with an oxygen absorber in a #10 stainless steel can that is double-enameled to prevent aging and rust. Includes plastic lid. #10 can dimensions: 7” high X 6.25” diameter. To learn more about how packaging makes a big difference in keeping food at optimum levels, view our Food Storage Packaging article.
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