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Easily whip up powdered drink mixes or juice concentrates with this no-mess mixer pitcher. Easily whip up powdered drink mixes or juice concentrates with this no-mess mixer pitcher. This 2-quart mixer pitcher is a customer favorite. No shaking, no spills, just a few plunges with the built-in handle and you can enjoy your favorite beverage.

actually mixes well!!

am not a pitcher fan but, after reading reviews I decided to try it and i now really like this pitcher for making the powder drink mixes.. i was surprise at how easily & quickly it mixed/dissolved the powder up without me first mixing powder up in a small amount of hot water first.. saves me lots of time!! Given the type of plastic it is, i gather eventually these will get stained by drink mixes but, the price is cheap and pitcher is worth reordering again in future for sure..

Posted on 1/27/15 by SYLVIE

Great pitcher

My daughter wanted one she saw elsewhere for twice as much, so I promised her this one. Since it came, I used it so much, I decided to order two more.

Posted on 6/17/14 by W.Lynn

Mixer Pitcher

I just received my mixer pitcher and used it for the first time. This item will not be going into storage. It will be going in the cabinet for use every day.

Posted on 1/22/14 by TERRY

Love I!

I had a couple of these a few years ago and they didn't make the move with me when I relocated. I just ordered another one, it's great for making juice from frozen concentrate and also great for making a big pitcher of chocolate milk or making a pitcher using powdered milk. It ain't all about survival gear, it's all about a super gadget for every day use!!!

Posted on 4/14/13 by pappy


I wished I bought this sooner. I use it daily

Posted on 4/1/13 by Philip

mixer pitcher

Bought this pitcher with the fortified milk and it works great. It mixes the powder drinks very well. I highly recommend this item for any powder drink. Works very well might buy a second for a backup or for my daughter in college.

Posted on 3/9/13 by Daniel

simple yet effective

LOVE this thing! What a simple concept yet it works great. Will have to get another. Only complaint is it could be a little larger. I use it to mix any powder with a liquid. Powdered milk, chocolate milk powder etc. It works GREAT!

Posted on 8/5/12 by anne

Best Juice Mixer

I bought my first pitcher while I was in college at ECU in 1970. It works great for making up frozen OJ - no need to pre thaw. I still use it every day and am buying a 2nd one for my vacation home. No spilling while mixing. No OJ settling to the bottom between uses. The greatest invention yet!

Posted on 7/6/12 by Jerald


This is smaller than expected, but will be wonderful, regardless of size, during power outages & camping trips.

Posted on 4/10/12 by Kelly

Please make in a larger size, too!

I love this pitcher! It stirs very effectively and holds up great to heavy use. I wish you made this in a 1-gallon size, as my family of four goes through a 1/2-gallon of milk daily, and I don't like having to mix up the milk every day!

Posted on 3/12/11 by Rebecca E

Finally a replacement!!!

Iメve used one of these juice pitchers with agitator since I was born and when I moved out of my parents I took it with me. After 34 years of use the handle cracked off and I was put in search of a replacement! Not an easy task. I was so happy to find this and it works great! No problem in the dishwasher here either...

Posted on 12/19/09 by T

Mixer Pitcher

We LOVE this mixer. We received it as a wedding gift and have always loved, but especially lately we have been using powdered milk and I believe it is a must have! I have been washing mine in the dishwasher now for 10 years constantly because it is always in use and it is still good as new!

Posted on 11/14/08 by Holly

milk pitcher

This is the best milk mixing pitcher that I have found on the market. I does a great job and if you use powdered milk you NEED this container. Fill half way with water, put the proper amount of milk inside and just pull up and down the handle. The milk will foam, then put in the fridge, the foam will go down and then top off with water. It really is the best at this job for mixing. I bought 2 to have an extra. It's a MUST for your storage, a new one, if you store and use powdered milk. I highly recommend this to ALL

Posted on 8/31/08 by Mel

Good mix

We're very happy with the way this pitcher works, especially with powdered drinks. After a year or two, be ready for the bottom to distort if you put it in the dishwasher though.

Posted on 8/28/08 by Jim

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Tech Specs
10.4 oz.
11” high x 4” diameter
  • Mixer Pitcher
  • Mixer Pitcher