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These emergency food bars are designed to provide a quick, nutritious source of energy in an emergency. Make sure to add these calorie food bars to your survival kit list. They're about the size of a regular candy bar and ideal for school, office and home kits. These emergency food bars are designed to provide a quick, nutritious source of energy in an emergency. Make sure to add these calorie food bars to your survival kit list. They're about the size of a regular candy bar and ideal for school, office and home kits.
  • Formulated to last up to five years
  • Stores well in a normal range of temperatures - great for auto kits
  • Great for outdoor adventures
  • 400 calories of quick energy

Bland, but worth it for survival

These are not exactly delicious, but they will do in a pinch. The taste and nutritional content doesn't make them high on my list for snacking or meal replacement. Watch out if you are diabetic. They are very sweet, high in carbs and saturated fat. I'm fine with this since their intended purpose is for emergencies and durability (5 years). For the price, they are hard to beat. They all came with the vacuum seal intact so I am more confident in their quality. Some people liken them to shortbread, but they are not buttery at all. They do have the same consistency but more firm than shortbread.

Posted on 2/15/14 by Iron Duke

great taste

picked up some to keep in reserve and decided to try one out while day hiking, I took the coconut one and the cherry one and ended up eating the coconut one because I thought it would be the least tasty one of the bunch, to my surprise it was really good. to me they are like a shortbread type of bar/cookie, not greasy or too hard to bite. it was 48F and it was not too hard. the taste was pretty good, slight coconut flavor but not over powering. will definitely order more of the variety.

Posted on 1/15/14 by james

On the Go Good

I keep these in the car along with Shelf Stable Milk and the Aqua Blocks, The 3 make a good combo. The Millenium Food Bars are always good never had a crumbly one no matter how hot or cold. Ilike all the flavors as well as all the flavors of the milks.
A must for all my cars and packs !

Posted on 1/13/14 by KansasBob


The flavors are fine and the price is reasonable. I'll accept that if they do well in the temperature extremes of the desert and of Florida, they'll do well in a car in Texas. But I did find two things that were a tad disappointing: first, they're very crumbly and even with care you're liable to lose a fair percentage as it dribbles down your shirt. Second, they contain transfat, a definite no-no as far as my doctor is concerned.

{Response from Emergency Essentials: Thanks for your review Lynne. We are glad you are pleased with the flavors, price and longevity. We do have some other options of calorie food bars as well. Some of those other options might be a better fit for you. If you have any questions at all, please let us know. Thanks again for your feedback.}

Posted on 10/25/13 by Lynne


I purchased a variety of bars for my survival pack but wanted to also keep some kind of food supply in my car in case of an emergency breakdown or whatever. Since I live in the Desert this is hard to do as the heat can reach 120 or so in cars in the summer here ,even with the windows cracked open a bit. And in the winter here the nights can get terribly cold. So there's not much you can leave in the car for long at either time without spoiling. I tried these bars and after two years in the car during both the summer heat and the winter cold, the bars seemed fine and when I got up my nerve and tried one after all that time, it tasted fine. So I will be buying more.

Posted on 7/21/13 by kathy

Great item!!

The little bars are awesome!! I keep them in my vehicle and in my house. they taste really good. I keep them in my 3-day bag to supplement my MRE's. I also keep them in my personal vehicle and my patrol car. These bars are light weight and about the size of a typical candy bar which is great since space in my 3-day bag and patrol car is limited. I have recommended these bars to my family, friends and co-workers. These are a must for vehicle emergency kits, emergency boat kits, bug out bags and the like. I can't say enough about how great these things are!

Posted on 3/15/13 by Brute94

Worth keeping in the car

I was first introduce to the millennium bar about 5 years ago they are handy to have in the trunk of the car because the bars have kept well during both the summer and winter months here in Florida So when you can not leave A post or there is no place available to grab a bit to eat in the middle of the night, it a comfortable feeling to know you have a back up Something else to keep in mind what do you do when everything is closed during in a emergency?

Posted on 10/25/11 by Mike B

Excellent for long backpack trips

I like to carry Millenium Bars on long trips. They are compact, lightweight and delicious. I use them two ways: 1)As an afternoon snack/energy boost while hiking. Munch on one all afternoon. 2) As my sole food source on the last day or two of a long trip. This really lightens my pack and provides the energy needed for those last 25 or 30 miles. Great stuff.

Posted on 7/17/11 by Rowland Z

Intensely flavored high calorie food bar

The Millenium food bars taste great and are very filling. The blueberry was fantastic! I will definitely be ordering more for my emergency kit.

Posted on 6/28/11 by Sharon A

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