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Package your own food for long-term storage using this quality metalized storage bag. Package your own food for long-term storage using this quality metalized storage bag. This food grade storage bag measures 20.5” x 30” and makes a great liner for buckets to help block out oxygen and moisture. The bag is sealed on the sides and bottom with an open top for easy-filling and then sealing. Works with four, five and six gallon buckets. These bags are non-permeable which means that your food or other stored items, will be better protected against the elements that cause deterioration including oxygen and moisture. These are the same bags that are used to package our Emergency Essentials® SuperPails™.

We recommend using 2000 CC oxygen absorbers to ensure your items are packaged properly for long-term storage.

Long Term Storage

I started using these bags from Emergency Essentials about 15 years ago for grain storage. Some sealed in 5 gallon buckets; but most lightly sealed (with the small hot sealer device) and stacked in 55 gallon drums. I recently malted (sprouted and kiln dried) some stored red winter wheat and it was perfect. If it has been stored properly. Buy these bags.

Posted on 9/16/14 by Garyinwintersca


Bags seem to work great. Sealed without a problem using a clothes iron set on medium. They are a touch big for a 5-gallon bucket, creating a bit of a learning curve when sealing them. However, this should allow you to open a re-seal the bag at least once, possibly more.

All-in-all a great product.

Posted on 1/24/14 by Robert

Sturdy, Extra Large, Perfect for Buckets

I was very pleased with these Metallized Storage Bags. When placed in a 6-gal. bucket, the bag extends well past the edge of the bucket, so there's plenty of room for you to fill the bag and seal them properly. They were sturdy enough, too, to lift 25 lbs. of rice using only the bag, without it falling apart or ripping at the seams - not even close!

I bought a 10 Pack of the 500 CC Oxygen Absorbers to go along with the bags. I recommend freezing flour, rice, etc. for a few days before sealing it in a bag and bucket. Freezing kills off any stray bug larvae.

{Response from Emergency Essentials - Thanks for your review SandyE!
Tip: We also offer 2000 cc absorbers that are sized just right for this or other air tight containers that are 5 gallon sized or larger. A single 2000 CC absorber pouch will take care of products over 30 lbs when in a 5+ gallon container. If the product weighs less, the product likely contains more air naturally and will require a second absorber.}

Posted on 11/25/13 by SandyE

A great offering

Plastic film breaths so metalizing is essential for true sealing. This may be it!

Posted on 5/19/13 by Lee


The bags are thick, well made, and easy to fill/seal.

Posted on 3/25/13 by frank

buckets, bags and absorbers

I'm from Texas and spent years teaching Storing Food . Moisture and heat was always a problem. Convenience in storing food and waiting on Ward or Stake projects was also a problem. Now a person can store food as they are able to afford it ; a bucket at a time. I now live in Utah and appreciate the convenience of a basement.

Posted on 2/27/13 by Texas

Mylar bags

These were great and easy to use! Recommenced for anyone storing grains, rice, or anything that needs to stay dry! Plenty big enough for my five gallon buckets too, perfect!

Posted on 2/23/13 by Eric

Exactly what I was looking for.

I wanted to give long-term bucket storage a try (rice, flour, charcoal, etc.), and so I needed a food-safe bucket, mylar bags, oxygen absorbers, and gamma lids. I purchased everything here, and was very satisfied with how everything turned out. These bags are huge and sturdy. Mine were sealed in 6 gallon buckets, but the bags are big enough for the 7 gallons. Going forward, I'll be getting the 7 gallons instead, since the mylar bags will fit, and I had a bit left over of my jumbo bag of rice, two bags of charcoal (to fill out a 7 gallon bucket). I was able to seal it with my regular clothes iron. The low settings, as I've seen recommended online, would have taken WAY too long for my patience. I set it on cotton and, with a dish rag in between, ironed away. I still had to let it sit there for a few seconds to get the seal. Don't let it sit too long though (or get too hot) or the bag might stick to your ironing board or dish cloth. The end result was exactly what I wanted. I will be ordering more of everything as soon as I'm ready to store more items in dry-storage.

Posted on 2/14/13 by Micah

Being prepared made easy

Thank you Emergency Essentials for making a video on how to use the metallized bags to properly store my food. I bought 6 gallon buckets, lids, oxygen absorbers, and metallized bags and followed your instructions on the video. It was easy and I feel confident that my food is safe. The bags are heavy duty and well made. I used a flat iron (the kind we women use to make our hair look good) and it worked great. Thank you for all the high quality products you sell.

Posted on 1/1/13 by Renee


the metalized bags do not need to be sealed unless you are looking to long term store. I found using the oxygen absorbers and just folding the bag top down and using the pails with sealing lids does the trick. Unless you want to work hard and seal with iron/etc., not necessary..Super pails with their made for the pail lids provide more seal than necessary

Posted on 4/10/12 by Christine R

vac the bag

while in the military, we would use these type bags to store parts for long term. we would insert the part, place a small plastic 1/4" tube in at one side of the bag and vac it down while sealing, then pull the vac tube as you seal the final spot. this works great. we just used a canister vac and taped a tube to the main hose

Posted on 4/7/12 by Larry R

Easy to use - my recommendations for use

These are very easy to use. Do not be intimidated! Here is how: Fill the bag up while in your bucket; shuffling or jerking it upwards every so often to make it seat in the bucket properly. When it is filled to about 1.5" from the top of the bucket, stop. If you go a bit too far, fold the side of the bag over the top of your food and tamp the food down with your hand into all the nooks and corners. Next, put a 2000 cc Oxygen Absorber in. After that, use an IRON to seal up all but the last 1.5" of width. Have a piece of wood to back up the back side of the mylar while using the iron. This makes a seal up to about 3" wide, which is far superior to a curling iron or a vacuum sealer bead which is about 1/8" or so. Use a food vacuum sealer like the Foodsaver V2222 (which has an accessory hose to suck out of bags and costs only $65; btw foodsaver bags won't hold a seal on most things long term). You will use the accessory hose to stick in the last little opening and suck the air out with the tube. How cool is that? Just keep going as long as more air is moving out of the bag; it will start to suck some air around the hose, but hold it tight and just keep going. When it has vacuumed as much as it can, pull it out and quickly seal the opening of the bag the rest of the way with the iron. After that, fold the corners of the mylar over and put a REGULAR o-ringed lid (not a Gamma Lid) onto the bucket and smack the lid down on tight all the way around. Label the contents and date and you are done! You don't need to spend money on Gamma Lids for every bucket; those are only for buckets that you are opening on a regular basis to eat out of. Have a handful of Gamma Lids on hand when you need to break into your food stores, but don't use them to store the food long term.

Posted on 9/28/11 by Mark

Super Easy

Was concerned about sealing the bags, but no worries. I used my wife's hair straightener - just clamped the heater over both side and slid along the edge. It worked great!

Posted on 4/20/11 by Ken

Metallized liner

These bags were a lot bigger than I thought they would be-strong & Durable. Great product!

Posted on 3/17/11 by Lei j.

Hair Straightener

We use an electric hair straightener to seal the bag. Works perfect!

Posted on 12/31/10 by Debby


This really is a great product. It's amazing. Works fantastic! Reading here I didn't find a complete guide to using them, though. So I asked around and looked at some of the videos on YouTube. The trick we found is using a vacuum cleaner tube to suck out that last little bit of air. We seal the entire bag using a hot clothes iron with the bag laid against a flat surface, such as a board. We seal up to the vacuum cleaner tube, and then turn the vacuum on, such out all the air, and then seal the last little bit. Don't forget to put oxygen absorbers in first! Anyone can do this. It's very easy to do, and kinda fun.

Posted on 12/12/10 by Otter Rock

All-Purpose Use

Metalized liners are great no only for long-life food storage (I use mine with the plastic buckets and gamma seals for my emergency foods), but for anything else you might want to store and keep the elements from. They're really durable.

Posted on 2/26/09 by Linda

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Tech Specs
3 oz.
30” long x 20” wide
4 mil
Additional Info
Watch our video to learn how to properly package and seal these bags at home using a warm iron.

For use with 4.25, 5 and 6 gallon buckets.
For a long-term seal, use with 2000 CC oxygen absorbers:
  • 0-15 lbs. of product requires 3 2000CC oxygen absorbers
  • 16-35 lbs. of product requires 2 2000CC oxygen absorbers
  • 35+ lbs. of product requires 1 2000CC oxygen absorber
    • Metalized Liner for Buckets