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Lemonade Berry Blend Recipe


1 ½ cups
MRE Lemonade Drink Mix, reconstituted
¼ cup
Emergency Essentials Freeze Dried Blackberries, reconstituted
¼ cup
Emergency Essentials Freeze Dried Raspberries, reconstituted
¼ cup
Emergency Essentials Freeze Dried Strawberry Slices, reconstituted
1 ¼ TBS
Emergency Essentials White Sugar
1 ¼ cup
Perrier (or other Sparkling Water)
½ tsp
Lime Juice

1. Reconstitute first four ingredients; drain all except the lemonade.
2. Combine all ingredients (excluding the sparkling water) into a blender and blend on medium high until smooth.
3. Add the sparkling water and gently mix with a wooden spoon. Let sit for a few minutes before dividing amongst glasses

Try balancing the tart flavor with a little added flair. Before filling your glass, mix a TBS of powder from your freeze dried strawberries with a TBS of white sugar. Once mixed, dip the edge of your glass on a plate covered in water, barely wetting the rim, and then dip your glass into the sugar mixture, making sure to coat the entire rim.

Note: If your drink is too tart for your liking, blend in more sugar before adding the sparkling water in step three.
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