LED Glowstick - Blue



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Blue glow stick, flashlight, emergency flasher, and whistle all in one. Blue glow stick, flashlight, emergency flasher, and whistle all in one.
  • Flashes for over 200 hours
  • Free replacement batteries (shipping and handling not included)
  • No chemicals and non-toxic

Great for Kids

The first time we went camping we got one of these for each of the kids (then four years old). Worn around the neck with the provided string they provide a colored glow down the length of the rod which makes it easier to track three four year olds in the woods. (I had a different color for each kid to further track their whereabouts <-- that much easier to do a head count).

Plus - having the safety whistle handy (which I taught the kids to use only when lost) I feel better with the kids milling about the woods knowing they could call us easily if they were lost.

Added bonus, a handy flash light at the end (there are four modes Glowing, Glowing and flashlight, flashlight only, and blinking glow). We've found ourselves frequently borrowing the kids' lights as they always have them handy around their necks. It's easy too to loop the string through a zipper or hook in the tent to create an ambient glow while the kids ready themselves for bed.

The lifespan has been great <-- Of the maybe 25 of these we've purchased a couple had intermittent connection issues internally which lead to on again off again functionality - the ones we had that were working have lasted us several camping trips without quitting.

These lights so popular when we go camping other family's kids borrow them -- I've begun to make a habit of picking up extras for other people's kids so everyone's happy. They're the perfect kids' flashlight. And they're very handy for adults too!

Posted on 12/2/13 by TexasTripletMom

Useful little light!

I packed some of these in my mommy backpack and took them to a youth beach party. Some younger siblings tagged along so we put the glowsticks around the little ones' necks so we could see them when it got dark. These lights aren't super bright, but worked for our needs. I've also used these at amusement parks so our kids don't get lost in the big crowds at night.

Posted on 10/26/13 by Muktukgrl

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Tech Specs
Weight: 1.4 oz.
Dimensions: 7.625” long x 0.875” diameter
  • LED Glowstick - Blue