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Kelly Kettle® is an ultra-fast camping kettle that can boil 54 oz. of water in 3-5 minutes while simultaneously functioning as a stove. Kelly Kettle® is an ultra-fast camping kettle that can boil 54 oz. of water in 3-5 minutes while simultaneously functioning as a stove. Made out of durable stainless steel, it works excellent in any weather condition using naturally available materials as fuel. Along with the kettle, this combo also includes the Kelly Kettle® Cook Set—a pot with a detachable handle and a lid that can also be a plate—a support grill to place over the fuel base, and and #10 can of Fired Up!™ Fuel and Firestarter. Never worry about running out of fuel with this safe-to-use, highly efficient way to heat water during an emergency or while camping. No gas or liquid fuel required. Works with any fuel sources such as small sticks, pine cones, tree bark, charcoal, and many other solid fuels. Click the tabs below to learn more.

From the Lakes of Ireland

I first came across the Kelly Kettle in Ireland 10 years ago. I was visiting friends for a trout fishing trip and was amazed with the funny looking pot they kept in the food basket at the front of the boat. It was an experience when we first stopped for tea on a small island on Lough Mask in Galway. I learned that the kettle was a hand me down/over 40 years old from my friends uncle – it was ugly, dented, charred, and well used but despite its age and looks it boiled water in under 10 minutes with the little bit of twigs and drift wood we gathered on shore. Impressive!!! My friends told me how fisherman across Ireland had used the Kelly Kettle for over 100 years to make a warm cup of tea and meal on shore during their fishing trips in West Ireland. When I left to come home my friend gave me his old Kelly Kettle and is a cherished gift. It has since accompanied me on my yearly trips to the BWCA in northern MN and gave me countless warm beverages and meals while ice fishing. The Kelly Kettle is a useful tool for the outdoorsman and always wondered why we never saw them in the states. I was elated 3 years ago when I saw them listed in the Emergency Essentials catalog and promptly ordered a new stainless steel Kelly Kettle. The old Kelly Kettle from Western Ireland now sits by the fireplace as a discussion piece and am sure the newer model will give as many years of faithful reliable service.

Posted on 4/2/14 by Bill


We love the multi-use items when camping. Uses minimal natural fuels, not toss away fuel canisters. We can stay natural and have minimal impact . Its a win, win product. Can't forget how well made and sturdy the kettle is . I would suggest the pot set should be 1 tall pot, 1 small pot and frying pan/lid. I also think a whistle for the kettle( like traditional kettles) would be very helpful, offering an early alert when water is heated.

Posted on 12/7/13 by LWCampers

Very Useful

Useful to use for several reasons.

Posted on 9/20/13 by CatCat

new thing

Cool useful tool

Posted on 8/11/13 by Curtis

Kettle is Great - Cooking pot not so much

The Kelly kettle is fabulous for boiling water, the little holder for the pot is a bit fiddly, the little grill is a joke and the cooking pot split down the sides with barely any compression. The little handle is good though. I love the kettle but have just set aside the cooking things. {Response from Emergency Essentials - Thanks for the feedback Momturtle. As a note, the grill is mainly designed to serve as a pot support for the cooking pot when cooking with the pot alone. We agree it can be a bit confusing, so we've added a video now to help illustrate how the parts all work together}

Posted on 6/4/13 by Momturtle


Got this in from Emergency E Saturday...walked out back yard...found enough small stick and dry in a 10 by 10 area...Shaved some mag...spark... Full water boil in bout 5 min...HIGHLY recommend!!!

Posted on 3/4/13 by Robert

Great for Kayaking

I have been experimenting with the Kettle in different sizes for kayaking. Since a variety of fuels can be used I naturally thought of drift wood and such. The Kelly Kettle is perfect for Kayaking! Some of my fellow Kayakers have them now and are quite happy.

Posted on 10/17/12 by Brian

Genius design

Bought one of these after doing some research. Exactly what I had in mind to use for reconstituting storage food. Tried out with a little Fired up that came with it (will be buying a big bucket of that) and some twigs and pine cones. Water was boiling in about 8 mins. Really just a great design, works just as described. Big relief to not wonder how your going to get water boiling quick and easy.

Posted on 6/11/12 by Pete


Just opened this unit and was so impressed with the visual appeal and obvious quality of the Kelly Kettle. I may order a couple more to give as gifts.

Posted on 5/20/12 by Rocky

Kettle review

Bought the large stainless over a year ago, it really does as billed! burns anything and is great for quick freeze dried meals. Glad to see EE carrieng it!

Posted on 3/26/12 by Rastus M

The BEST companion to your freeze dried food!

This is the greatest companion to have along when you need hot water and you want it fast! I have had mine for several years. Being able to get one here in the states ( I had to ship mine in from England) at this great price is a no brainer... BUY one! It is an ingenious design that uses little fuel works fast and is well built. Does not get any better than that in my book!

Posted on 10/28/11 by John Lo

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Tech Specs
Total Weight:
7 lbs. 1 oz.
Base Camp Dimensions
Fuel holder/base: 7 1/2” diameter x 3 1/4” tall
Kettle/chimney base: 6 1/8 diameter
Kettle/chimney height :12 1/4”
Chimney opening: 2 1/2” diameter
Water spout opening: 2” diameter
Cook Set Dimensions
Handle: 4 long x 1 1/4 wide x 7/8 tall
Pot: 5.5” diameter x 3” tall
Lid: 5.5” diameter x 1 1/4” tall
Pot Support Dimensions
Unassembled: 6 1/4” long x 4” tall x 1/16 thick
Assembled: 6 1/4” wide x 4” tall
Additional Info
  • No batteries or fuel canisters are needed for this product
  • Most dehydrated and freeze-dried foods require water for cooking. This combo is a reliable way to have the needed water for your food storage.
  • This combo comes with 2.5 lbs of the Fired Up!™ Fuel and Fire starter stored in a #10 stainless steel can.
    • Kelly Kettle® Large Stainless Steel Base Camp Combo
    • Kelly Kettle Large Stainless Steel Base Camp Combo Camping Gear (diagram)
    • Kelly Kettle® Large Stainless Steel Base Camp Combo