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The Katadyn® Hiker is the best-selling microfilter in the US Outdoor Market. The Katadyn® Hiker is the best-selling microfilter in the US Outdoor Market. The Katadyn® Hiker's unique filter prevents early clogging. Compact and lightweight (only 11 oz), the Katadyn® Hiker is great for emergency kits, backpacking, and camping. The water filter's simple design makes it easy to use. The Katadyn® Hiker eliminates bacteria and protozoa (Giardia and Cryptosporidium).
  • Compact design and easy operation
  • A great all-around choice

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clean water is life

I paid more somewhere else, but am sold on performance, have recommended unit and this site to family and friends, carried mine on AT in NC and Ozark trail. always use your choice virus killer to insure your health, my choice is steripen.

{Response from Emergency Essentials - Thanks for the positive review krazy dave. In the U.S., water born viruses are extremely rare as they are introduced only by human feces from carriers of polio, hepatitis etc. The Hiker (as well as all Katadyn Microfilters) will take care of bacteria and protozoa (contaminants that humans or animals may add into the water). When traveling outside the US and particularly in developing countries, adding treatment for viruses is a great safeguard for contaminated drinking water. In addition to the Steripen units we sell, we also recommend Katadyn's Micropur tablets.}

Posted on 11/28/13 by krazy dave

Excelent unit/buy it!

I have one of the older "PUR" units before Katadyn bought it out. The filters are the same and work GREAT! I have had my unit for OVER TEN YEARS! (Just make sure you change out the filters, I would NOT recommend going that long on 5 filters.) Another thing that has helped me is putting silver solution (a couple of drops) every time I use the unit. Helps the bug killing factor up. Never have had a problem with it. BUY IT.

Posted on 6/9/13 by Major Umbra

Great Katadyn customer service

This is a great, small unit that works simple and well. I bought this filter and used it on a handful of backpacking trips until the inlet nub broke. I expected I would need to but a whole new body, but I called Katadyn, told them what happened, and they offered to send out a new unit right away. No questions asked (other than name & address) and a new unit is on the way. The call took less than 90 seconds, and could not have been easier. I will definitely be buying Katadyn products for years to come based on this one call.

Still, I have concerns about the durability of it. Its great that they are so willing to replace broken parts, but I'd prefer they not break at all. A broken filter is no big deal on a weekend trip with plenty of other filters available in the group, but if I was solo or on a longer trip, thats a bigger problem. {Response from Emergency Essentials - Thanks JT. We're glad you like your filter and are sorry to hear about the break. To help put your mind at ease, Katadyn filters are made in Switzerland and are among the most reliable and well-built filters on the market.}

Posted on 5/30/13 by JT

Perfect for backpacking

I am an Assistant Scoutmaster in Georgia. We used this filter while hiking on the AT in North Georgia. It is very effective and easy to use. I highly recommend it to anyone, from the novice to the experienced hiker. Get out there and enjoy the outdoors, and share your sport with America's youth.

Posted on 4/16/12 by Scott


Awesome product

Posted on 4/11/12 by John


awesome product use it all of the time never had a problem with it

Posted on 8/6/09 by Brent Z

Simple and Easy

Excellent, simple, and lightweight filter ideal for small families or individual use. I use this filter with Katadyn tablets and have never had a problem with my drinking water, even when filtered from swamp water. Makes a great addition to emergency kits for short term use; also great on the trail. I have used this straight from the stream and from water filtered through a multi-layered tepee style collector/filter. NOTE: Take care to ensure your water container is properly cleaned, disinfected, and prepared to receive new, filtered water. Follow the manufacturer's directions for cleaning and sanitizing after use and before storage.

Posted on 2/6/09 by Steve

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Tech Specs

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Katadyn Hiker Water Filter Manual
Microfiltration Method:
129 square inches of pleated 0.3 micron glassfiber media
Up to one quart per minute (48 strokes/minute)
Cartridge Capacity:
Up to 200 gallons, depending on water quality
11 oz
Hose Length:
  • Katadyn Hiker® Water Filter