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The Kaito™ Silver Voyager™ Pro comes with multiple radio bands, LED flashlight and reading lamp, and an alarm feature. The Kaito™ Silver Voyager™ Pro comes with multiple radio bands, LED flashlight and reading lamp, and an alarm. But its best feature is the automatic emergency weather alerts, meaning the radio can notify you when there is a severe weather warning in your area. Features multiple powering methods - hand crank, solar panel, or mini-USB inlet recharge the built-in battery. Also runs on 3 AA batteries or compatible AC adaptor (not included). With a digital readout and over 200 memory presets, you are sure to have your favorite stations available anytime. A USB outlet powers many handheld electronics like most smart phones.

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I took my recently purchased Kaito Voyager Pro on a camping trip recently. I cannot say enough about this product - the reception on the radio is superb, all the features work as expected and it provided entertainment, news, light (used both reading light and flashlight) temperature (got down to 24 deg F) and charged my smartphone all on the same trip with a single charge. Replacing my previous survival radio with this device after a successful field trial. I let the 6 y/o and 10 y/o play with it and they didn't damage it (whew!). I am only giving 4 stars because I don't see the metal antennae lasting the life of the device with kids around, but it is replaceable so I'm considering a bendable version to make it kid-resistant

Posted on 12/4/13 by Chad

Voyager Pro

Awesome radio BUT no 115v power cord with it, and it is an additional option. Other wise I would of given the radio a 5 star.

Posted on 6/23/13 by yoyo

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Tech Specs
Weight: About 1.36 lbs. (22 oz.)
Dimensions: 5.5” high x 9.5” wide x 2.75” thick
Additional Info
  • Bands - AM, FM, shortwave, and weather (NOAA)
  • LED Flashlight plus 5-LED reading lamp
  • Built-in standard USB outlet to charge many small electronics (does NOT charge Apple devices)
  • NOAA Weather Alert
  • Temperature and humidity display
  • Up to 235 preset memory positions
  • Dual alarm clock settings
  • Clock, alarm, and calendar features
  • Includes headphones
  • Kaito™ Silver Voyager™ Pro