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The Kaito™ Black Voyager™ Pro comes with multiple radio bands, LED flashlight and reading lamp, and an alarm feature. The Kaito™ Black Voyager™ Pro comes with multiple radio bands, LED flashlight and reading lamp, and an alarm. But its best feature is the automatic emergency weather alerts, meaning the radio can notify you when there is a severe weather warning in your area. Features multiple powering methods - hand crank, solar panel, or mini-USB inlet recharge the built-in battery. Also runs on 3 AA batteries or compatible AC adaptor (not included). With a digital readout and over 200 memory presets, you are sure to have your favorite stations available anytime. A USB outlet powers many handheld electronics like most smart phones.

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Voyager or Voyager Pro - Which Should You Get?

I've pondered whether or not this is worth the price. I've purchased both the Voyager and when (I thought) it stopped working, I subsequently purchased this one. The one thing I realized is that with the Voyager Pro (digital dial), you drain more battery power with the backlit digital tuning dial and weather dial - and god forbid if that light goes out. You'd be stuck. Imo, the manual dial in the Voyager is probably more reliable and less prone to problems. But I admit, I like techie stuff.

With BOTH of these radios, I had problems with them working properly - they seemed to randomly turn off and lose the connection to the station for some reason, and I've had to hit them lightly at times to turn the radio back on & re-gain the connection. Is it something I'm doing wrong? Don't know, but at this price I shouldn't be having these problems.

Still and all, I do like the Voyager and the Voyager Pro. They have everything I want in an emergency radio - weather band, AM/FM, Shortwave, and can be run by battery, solar, crank, or adaptor. Both have a tiltable solar panel, reading light, and a flashlight. The Voyager Pro also shows the temperature and humidity (read: extra drain on the battery).

If all of that appeals to you, try one of these out. But bear in mind that I also own a cheaper-made similar-type off-brand radio that as I recall cost me about $20 - and it works fine.

One thing is sure - these appear to be well made, and that is particularly true of the Voyager Pro, which has a body with a rubberized texture for extra protection. With all the problems I've had with both the Voyager and Voyager Pro, I'm glad I have them.

{Response from Emergency Essentials - Sandra, you make some good points, and they merit a response. With radios that have all of the features of the Voyager Pro - digital dial, weather band, and weather alerts - they are generally ones that only work when plugged into the wall. We like the added benefit of being able to offer these features in a portable unit using either the rechargeable battery (recharged by either the included handcrank or solar panel) or adding disposable alkaline batteries. The wall adaptor is in truth sold separately so you aren't forced to pay for it. If you are having difficulty however with either radio functioning properly, please let us know at 1-800-999-1863. You are paying for a terrific radio, and we want to make sure you have one that works perfectly.}

Posted on 11/25/13 by SandyE

Great Investment!!

When I purchased this model, I was unsure what I was going to actually get. I was not disappointed. The above reviews are right on as far as the radio ability to pick up and sound quality is awesome. My Husband and I were camping and I had activated the alert feature... what a life saver that was when in the middle of the night, there were Tornado Warnings that were issued and our radio started alerting us!! Yeah, this radio has already paid for itself since its purchase. I would recommend this to anyone who is going to use it for camping, hiking, or using for your prepping communication items. It is well worth the extra few bucks ...... as my Daddy used to say... you get what you pay for so just pay a nickle more and go first class!!!!!!!!

Posted on 6/22/13 by Lisa

Pleasantly Surprised

Easy to program. Great flashlight and reading light. Reading light is on the underside of the solar panel which can be angled to point at your book. Audio is very nice. Was able to pick up radio cuba on shortwave here in california. A BFO to receive sideband would have been nice because I could hear hams on SSB on 40 meters but without a bfo they are unintellible of course. Great little emergency radio.

Posted on 11/10/12 by Dan

Good Product

The radio appears to be a solid piece of equipment and has many different features. Besides SW/AM/FM, it has the NOAA WB as well. When I got it out of the box, I cranked the dynamo charger for about 1 minute and the radio powered up for over 30 minutes. The solar panel charges the unit within an hour in full sun. Overall, good product and will be a good addition to the BOB as well as everyday use.

Posted on 1/22/12 by Kelly F

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Tech Specs
Weight: About 1.36 lbs. (22 oz.)
Dimensions: 5.5” high x 9.5” wide x 2.75” thick
Additional Info
  • Bands - AM, FM, Shortwave, and weather (NOAA)
  • LED Flashlight plus 5-LED reading lamp
  • Built-in standard USB outlet to charge many small electronics (does NOT charge Apple devices)
  • NOAA Weather Alert
  • Temperature and humidity display
  • Up to 235 preset memory positions
  • Dual alarm clock settings
  • Clock, alarm, and calendar features
  • Includes headphones
  • Emergency Preparedness Kaito Black Voyager Pro (front view)