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This isn’t the chalky, funny-tasting powdered milk you grew up with.Provident Pantry® Instant Nonfat Dry Milk is a customer favorite because it is specially designed to taste just like milk you buy from the store. This isn’t the chalky, funny-tasting powdered milk you grew up with. Emergency Essentials® Instant Nonfat Dry Milk is a customer favorite because it is specially designed to taste just like milk you buy from the store. Made from 100% real milk, it is easy to mix and easy to rotate. One #10 can produces 72 one-cup servings or 4.5 gallons of delicious nonfat (skim) milk. Provides needed calcium and protein, making your food storage versatile and complete.
Label Info
% Daily Value
Serving Size Apx 1 Cup dry (22 g dry)
Servings Per Container About 72
Calories 80
Calories From Fat 0
Total Fat 0 g 0%
Saturated Fat 0 g 0%
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 5 mg 2%
Sodium 110 mg 5%
Total Carbohydrate 11 g 4%
Dietary Fiber 0 g 0%
Sugars 11 g
Protein 7 g 15%
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 2%
Calcium 25%
Iron 0%

Ingredients: Pasteurized skim milk.

Allergens:Contains milk products. Processed in a plant that handles egg, milk, soybean, wheat, peanut and tree nut products.

Directions: Add powder to water and stir. Best if chilled overnight.
For one quart: Mix 2/3 cup powder with 1 quart water.
For one gallon: Mix 2 2/3 cups powder with 1 gallon water.
For best results mix with our mixer pitcher. (It dissolves the powder very efficiently)


great buy!

You could never tell the difference between this powdered milk and fresh,..its that good! excellent value, mix what you need so it does not get wasted and you always have milk "on hand".Doing the math, this 3 pound 8oz can makes 72 cups of milk, or 4.5 gallons-we pay $3.99 at the store for 1 gallon of milk-so its comparable..we mix a quart Mason jar at a time for the ice box.. and also make up cereal, dehydrated strawberries, and powdered milk to add water to and pack for breakfast away from home..there are so many benefits to having powdered milk storage..

Posted on 4/13/13 by momof5


Well taste is good. For years I almost never bought store bought milk because of the fact that either it goes bad or I look to find use the milk. It taste good like regular milk. I used it as milk, in instant mashed potatoes, carnation breakfast essentials, Oreo pie non cooked pie dessert and it worked fine. Also on mychoice cans direction making 1 cup at a time which is For one cup: mix 2 2/3 Tbsp to 1 cup water.

Posted on 12/1/12 by James


We were absolutely amazed at how delicious this milk is! We are BIG milk drinkers in our home, so we were a little reluctant to order powdered milk, but I ordered the "My Choice" size for a trial, and was ecstatic at the taste! I gave some to my husband (who is extremely picky) to try, and he loved it! My kids, who are also very picky, loved it as well! This is a definite must-have for your food storage!

Posted on 4/18/12 by Darcy

Great taste

This is the BEST Instant Nonfat Dry milk. I can't tell the difference from milk I buyin the store.

Posted on 4/11/12 by Darlene J

Surprisingly great!

We ran out of milk for cereal this morning, and so I grabbed my MyChoice can of this and opened it up. I mixed it up and poured it in a few bowls of cereal for kids and my husband and no one noticed the difference! Tastes great! This milk is a far cry from the gross powdered stuff I used to drink as a child. It actually tastes like milk! I'll be ordering it by the case from now on.

Posted on 3/31/12 by Laura

Great in coffee

This is THE BEST powdered milk out there! I don't drink much milk, so it's nice whenever I'll want a single glass, and I use it to make mac and cheese so I'm not wasting a whole gallon when I only need a quarter cup! I also LOVE this in my coffee. I keep a small mason jar of it with my sugar pourer by my coffee maker. I also have it mixed with cocoa and sugar for a great instant hot chocolate.

Posted on 12/21/11 by Carolyn

Skeptical no longer

The way I remember powdered milk was this horrendous stuff my mom used to try to convince me tasted justfine. Oh no it didn't. I was a bit skeptical but now I'm convinced. When I first mixed it with room temperature water there was a slight hint of "non-real". It wasn't anything like the old powdered milk. After I let it cool in the refrigerator it tasted very, very close to normal milk. That "non-real" taste was almost completely gone. Needless to say, I am buying more.

Posted on 10/24/11 by Jennifer

Amazingly authentic!

After tasting the low-fat granola cinnamon almond, it occurred to me that it would be a very convenient snack to eat at my desk job. So tonight I just added the this milk powder to half a bottle of water and shook it up. It mixed fine. It was just foamy on top. I was expecting it to be good after reading the other reviews, but I was still amazed. It tasted just like fresh 1% milk from the store. It was good on the cereal but just as good straight from the bottle. This will be so economical to prepare in the provided coffee cups with the discounted 25-cent bottled water at work. Milk from the vending machine is $1.35 per pint. There won't even be dirty dishes to carry home!

Posted on 8/22/11 by Merinda


I have been drinking non-fat "store bought" skim milk for the last 40 years. I purchased Provident Pantry nonfat powdered milk for long term storage. I hesitated using the powdered milk since I drank powdered milk as a child and it was awful. I finally decided to taste test it and was absolutely amazed how good it was. Identical to the store brands. I was so impressed that I went out and bought other powdered milk to do a comparison. They were as awful as I remembered as a child. If you are a whole milk or 2% milk drinker you may well not agree, but I am confident that fellow non-fat milk drinkers will be very happy with this item. I have since purchased many cases of the milk for long term storage and regular use. This is now one of the few items that I truly use and rotate regularly. I have no other milk in my home other than 1/2 and 1/2 for my coffee. Perhaps I should try the powdered milk in my coffee next.

Posted on 8/22/11 by Tom

Love this milk!

We love this milk. I was very apprehensive at first, but it really passed the taste test. Can make the right amount for the two of us, but can easily make more when the grand kids visit. Initially costs a little more, but no waste with having to buy more than we use before expiration. The key is the mixing pitcher and refrigeration.

Posted on 7/31/11 by Linda

Best Powdered Milk Available

I've ordered this powdered milk and the other one on this site - the 42 oz. Instant Fortified Milk - and by far I prefer this one. Tastes so much like my regular milk that I could drink this forever and not feel a bit sad about it. Great product!

Posted on 7/20/11 by Sandy

9 Gallons of Milk

I ordered this milk to keep on hand and then decided to try it out when I ran out of milk. I have only ever tasted a hint of the strange taste but overall the milk is really good and I can make as small of an amount as I want so no more wasting milk before it spoils! I'll be ordering more to keep on hand.

Posted on 7/16/11 by Danny N.

Teens cant tell its powdered

Replaced the milk we bought from the supermarket with this powdered milk and our three teens never noticed. Great taste...

Posted on 3/27/11 by Stan

Teens cant tell its powdered

Replaced the milk we bought from the supermarket with this powdered milk and our three teens never noticed. Great taste...

Posted on 3/27/11 by Stan

Teens cant tell its powdered

Replaced the milk we bought from the supermarket with this powdered milk and our three teens never noticed. Great taste...

Posted on 3/27/11 by Stan

Teens cant tell its powdered

Replaced the milk we bought from the supermarket with this powdered milk and our three teens never noticed. Great taste...

Posted on 3/27/11 by Stan

Teens cant tell its powdered

Replaced the milk we bought from the supermarket with this powdered milk and our three teens never noticed. Great taste...

Posted on 3/27/11 by Stan

Great Milk...no Vitamin D

Be advised that to absorb the calcium in this milk, you will need a consistent source of Vitamin D. This milk does not contain Vitamin D. Otherwise, we enjoy this milk very much.

Posted on 10/1/10 by JC

good for cooking

some of the best powdered milk for taste. But still does not compare with milk bought at the store for taste.

Posted on 9/21/10 by Craig

Tastes like... Milk!

This stuff really does taste like non fat milk from the store. It even tastes creamy when warmed. Important note though... I have found that it pays to make just what you need for a given day or two days at the most. Even refrigerated, it tends to go bad more quickly than grocery store milk. The solution? Make what you need and store the rest. I like to seal the unused portions from the number 10 can in a number of small zip-lock containers. This really keeps it fresh for months... and when you reconstitute it straight from powder you get several days of delicious milk that is always there in case of emergency and can even reduce annoying trips to the supermarket during non-emergencies. I've been drinking this stuff almost exclusively and its excellent... Last thing... it is not fortified but tastes better than the fortified and makes more volume of milk per #10 can than the fortified so this is the winning choice of the two... just make sure you have a storage supply of multivitamins with you for longer emergencies...

Posted on 9/8/10 by JG


I ordered this based on previous reviews. I'm unable to tell the difference between this and store bought milk. Worth every penny.

Posted on 8/18/10 by Jason

Great value and taste!

This milk is great! We ordered one can to start with and fell in love with the taste, ease of preparation, shelf life and simplicity of stocking up for the future. We recently ordered the Super Supply. It feels great knowing I have what I need without running to the store daily or weekly. Thank you beprepared.com for your insight.

Posted on 5/4/10 by Lisa W

Love this milk

I ran out of milk tonight and decided to finally open some food storage milk. All I can say is WOW! Even after reading the reviews I still didn't believe it would taste this good. It mixed up easily too. My 8 year old asked for seconds. I'm ordering more.

Posted on 4/14/10 by Barbara J

Great Milk

Not being a fan of "powdered anythingヤ I was very surprised and happy with this product. My wife liked it so much she has informed me that we will keep some on hand from now on. As storage is limited for us we are ordering and using about 2 cans a month.

Posted on 3/27/10 by Jeff


I recently read a post on a blog where a taste test was done with many different brands of powdered milk. Provident Pantry won so I wanted to buy a can and taste it. (And like most people, I HATE the powdered milk I now have in my food storage.) I was very surprised when I tasted this milk. It tasted exactly like fresh skim milk. I am going to get a case on my next order and I will be replacing all my current powdered milk with this milk over the next year!

Posted on 3/25/10 by Kathleen

The BEST powdered milk I've EVER tasted

I use this for my hot chocolate mix! It is the absolute best powdered milk that I have EVER used, and I have used at least 15 different kinds! It is so smooth. I'm completely sold on this product!

Posted on 1/22/10 by JoDeen

Powdered Milke? NoWay!

This powdered milk tastes just like 2%. It has the best mouth appeal of any powdered milk that I have ever tried. The family hasn't even noticed the switch. You will have to try it to believe the taste.

Posted on 12/30/09 by Karren T

Really Good Milk Product

In the past my wife and I have tried dry milk products but just could not find one we really liked. We hated buying milk from the grocery stores because it often spoiled too quickly. But when we tried your fat free powered milk we were hooked. Your fat free powered milk is really great. Sure hope it will always be available.

Posted on 10/2/09 by Ben C

We HATED Powdered Milk

DH and I were raised on the store bought red boxes of powdered milk; when we got married 27 years ago, we agreed that it would NEVER cross our doorstep no matter how poor we were. Our children NEVER tasted it. I bought one can to try of the PP Nonfat Dry milk just so we would have it in our food storage. The other day DH was making supper and needed milk; we had none. He very gingerly opened and tried the PP milk. To our surprise it was WONDERFUL. If you hate powdered milk, try this one before you say you'll NEVER drink it. Now... we can't stop! Expect a BIG order soon!

Posted on 9/11/09 by Bea J

Outstanding Product

This product is outstanding. The quality, texture, and taste of this milk is equal to brand name real milk from the grocery. This is my first product review and can unequivocally recommend this product for daily use as well as an emergency provision. Great job!!

Posted on 8/25/09 by Gary

Excellent product!

I bought this milk for food storage and decided to try it out on my picky kids. They honestly didn't even notice a difference. I love not having to run to the store for milk, it tastes great and mixes up so easily! Fantastic!

Posted on 8/18/09 by Kim H

Pleasant Surprise

I LIKE my milk! I was hesitant to use this milk because I've been disappointed by others in the past. When I opened this brand and mixed it, let it set overnight in the fridge and tasted it--I did a double-take it was really tasty! It is good! 2 thumbs up for this Provident Pantry!

Posted on 7/22/09 by Al F

great stuff

Yep, this is great stuff. I think it actually tastes better than 1% or 2% store milk! My wife stated that she hated powdered milk, I slipped her a glass, asked her if she thought it tasted ok, she said it was great and then I told her it was powdered milk. We drink no other milk now. It does pass the cat test too, so I would highly recommend buying this milk!

Posted on 7/1/09 by Don

I Finally Tried It

I have always thought the concept of powdered milk was a good one, but I could never find one without an aftertaste. I read about Provident Pantry brand and how there was no aftertaste, just the taste of fresh cold milk. Eureka! This milk is delicious. I will be drinking this milk for years to come. Of course the shelf life is an added plus. Hesitate no more. This is the powdered milk, it can't be beat.

Posted on 5/1/09 by William B

It really IS that good!

I recently ordered this powdered milk product for food storage. I had read the reviews, but figured it couldn't be that good. I was wrong. The first thing that struck me was how white it was when I mixed it - like store bought milk - not yellowish like typical powdered milk. Then it actually passed the kid test with kids who are avid milk drinkers! I usually do mix it with store bought whole milk to add some fat, but the best thing is not HAVING to run to the store when we run out of milk. I can just mix some up and let it chill. Voila! Problem solved.

Posted on 4/20/09 by Melissa

Milk to Brag About

Of all the powdered milk products available, none taste like, or even resemble the taste of real 2% milk; they all taste like a sour milk powder. This does taste like 2% milk! No sour smell. We bought this milk to try its taste and to our surprise, we loved it! It needs no doctoring with vanilla or sugar, is drinkable straight out of the can, easy to mix with no lumps to whisk out, and passes the test with my taste sensitive family. However, it's like gold in our house because if we were to drink nothing but this milk, it could get expensive. I would highly recommend this milk to anyone curious about the taste or wanting a good quality powdered milk to add to their storage.

Posted on 2/28/09 by Patty B.

Wow! It's not gray!

Wow! I bought this as "emergency" supplies, but decided I'd better crack open a can before buying more, just to make sure it was OK. Gee, was I surprised. Normally powdered milk is gray, and doesn't taste at all like regular milk. My kids were drinking this stuff with no complaints (they didn't even notice!), and I'm using it when I can't get to the store. Excellent product.

Posted on 2/24/09 by Jennifer

versatile product

This milk is not only good to drink, but can be used anywhere milk is called for. I like to use it to make home made yogurt. It's delicious, and I can keep a constant supply on hand. Very convenient.

Posted on 1/16/09 by Janet

shocked and amazed

WOW.....This is for sure a story to tell! We bought some milk for "Y2K"-1999 supplies! About a month ago with the economy the way it is we opened the cans up and thought let see if it is true that the milk should still be good. We mixed it up and was amazed that it would even mix so good and smelled okay. We have a big family and really put it to the test. everyone loved it and has been using it ever since. The milk was still good after 9 yrs. of being in the basement! We just bought a year supply! Thanks for such a good product!

Posted on 9/26/08 by Susan

No consumer resistance

Wife, kids, kids' friends, cats all liked this, no off-flavors or tastes. This is the clear winner of all of the milk products I've tried, and I'll be stocking up on it.

Posted on 9/5/08 by Brian

A wonderful suprise!

I guess I'll drink it if I have to has been our family motto regarding powdered milk. However, the taste of this milk had everyone asking for more! What a wonderful suprise! This powdered milk is a real winner! Thanks!

Posted on 8/13/08 by Mimi

Great Taste!

My husband and I tried the Provident Pantry milk for the first time today. My husband drinks a lot of milk. His comments after tasting it were "This is quite good." We were both surprised that it tastes better than the fat-free milk we buy at the store.

Posted on 4/24/08 by Juanita


Our Relief Society activity group did a blind taste test of all the different milks we were storing. I brought my Provident Pantry and it won, hands down. I really like it. It also majorly improved the flavor of the hot cocoa mix I make. Dissolves much better than most, too.

Posted on 4/15/08 by Terese

Exceeds expectations!

I ordered Providence Pantry instant non-fat milk as my children loved milk, and it was getting very expensive. I asked some of the ladies in my ward, and one of them told me about Providence Pantry. I ordered the two cans with the mixer and was absolutely delighted! My children couldn't get enough of it. They won't drink anything else and I know they are getting their calcium and basics. Thanks for an excellent product!

Posted on 3/7/08 by Angela


I would have never believed that powdered milk could taste so good. I bought a sample box of emergency essentials foods to try them out. There was no milk included so thought I would open a can. My husband and I were both amazed at how good the flavor was, and handy since our children are gone and we use a lot less, we were always wasting the rest of the container. This is all I use anymore. Great product.

Posted on 3/1/08 by Deborah

Raised on Dairy Milk

We grew up across the street from a dairy and always drank whole milk. I even had a hard time switching to 2% and can't do less than that. At an emergency prep. seminar, I had my first taste of this milk. I couldn't believe it was powdered. I've been making it for my family since then. IT'S GREAT!!!

Posted on 2/22/08 by Gayle


We did an extended family taste testing of dry milks. We all want to be better prepared. Provident Pantry was clearly the winner. It doesnメt have that dry milk taste like most others

Posted on 2/21/08 by Audra


this is the best powdered milk I have ever found. Easy to mix and great tasting. I have not bought "regular" milk for years.

Posted on 1/25/08 by marie

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For best flavor and nutrition, keep cans constantly stored at 70° or lower. Once opened, keep in air tight containers in dark cool places. To learn more about how long you can expect food to store see our Shelf Life Article.

Packaged with an oxygen absorber in a #10 stainless steel can that is double-enameled to prevent aging and rust. #10 can dimensions: 7” high X 6.25” diameter. To learn more about how packaging makes a big difference in keeping food at optimum levels, view our Food Storage Packagingarticle.
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