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  • Mountain House: Rave Reviews from Customers

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    “If this is “emergency” food, things don’t look so bad!” This is what Nancy, an Emergency Essentials customer, said about Mountain House® Lasagna with Meat Sauce.

    Our customers are raving about Mountain House®—everything from the delicious flavor to the long shelf-life. And why not rave?

    Mountain House Beef Stroganoff

    Tested and used in the harshest conditions by people whose lives depended on them, Mountain House® freeze-dried meals are perfect for military, outdoor enthusiasts, or to use during emergencies. But these meals aren’t just for those who find themselves in less-than-ideal conditions. Mountain House® meals have been a favorite for people just like you for years—whether for camping or just a crazy weeknight at home.

    Check out what others have to say about Mountain House® meals:

    “One of our favorites!”
    - Trade (Beef Stroganoff)

    “This is so good I couldn’t wait for a disaster. We ate it up and ordered more.”
    -Meredith (Beef Stroganoff)

    “This is amazing! The flavors blend perfectly and have a wonderful taste.”
    -Cynthia (Sweet and Sour Pork)

    “Great diversion from humdrum meals.”
    - Bruce (Chili Mac)

    “Satisfying! Great for camping and emergencies.”
    - Kenneth, (Chili Mac)

    “Tasty and you get a lot of cheese…and I mean a lot!”
    - Bradford (Macaroni and Cheese)

    “We love it…we can’t get enough of it.”
    - Cassandra (Noodles and Chicken)

    “Another winner from Mountain House!”
    - Jennifer C. (Noodles and Chicken)

    “If this is “emergency” food, things don’t look so bad!”
    -Nancy (Lasagna with Meat Sauce)

    “We NEVER expected to love Mountain House foods as much as we do.”
    -Sandi (Lasagna with Meat Sauce)

    “You will not believe that it could possibly be freeze-dried… Better than homemade!!”
    - FL gal (Lasagna with Meat Sauce)

    If you don’t believe them, try out a can or two for yourself. You’ll love them. We guarantee it.

    What’s your favorite Mountain House® meal?



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  • Guest Post: Kelly Kettle Customer Review


    Kelly Kettle combo - Stainless Steel

    A few weeks ago, we purchased a Kelly Kettle Stainless Steel Base Camp.  This purchase was made after many trips to the store to look at it, and some hours spent researching it on the internet.  We purchased the kit, which includes the kettle, pot stand, cooking set and fire starter.

    Our main purpose for the purchase was to use it for camping and hiking.  We take many day trips, and it’s perfect for heating the water for camp meals or coffee.  The first time we used it on our back patio, just to try it out.   We boiled water in about 4 minutes, which I thought was awesome, considering the fact we were using the kettle in a blocked area, with not a lot of airflow.

    After using it just once, you realize just how amazing this product is.  The great thing about it is you don’t have to carry any special type of fuel.  All you have to do is round up some sticks and twigs and you’re ready to go.  We have access to pine cones, so we use small ones.  Not only is it good fuel, but it smells great too.

    After using the Kelly Kettle, and thinking about it a bit, I realized that it has many uses other than just camping.  Earlier this summer, an auto accident caused the power to go out at our home for about 24 hours.  Now, we have electric appliances, so, making meals during this time required some creativity.  If we would have had the kettle, we could have easily made emergency meals since we keep them around for camping and hiking trips.

    When hiking, you can also get your water from a lake or stream, especially if you carry a water filter system as we do.  Not to mention you are boiling the water anyway.  This will save you from packing water around.

    Give the Kelly Kettle a try; it’s an awesome product.


    Jeff W, UT

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  • Customer Review: Emergency Essentials Food Storage “Delicious and Easy to Prepare”

    I recently received this review from Deborah in Oklahoma. Thanks for sending it, Deborah! It’s always great to hear when we win over a teenager with food storage!

    (How about you? Are your kids fans of the food storage meals you've made? Or are you working to help them get over a food storage phobia?)



    My husband and I went on a 3 day camping trip with our 16 year old niece. I thought it would be an excellent time to field test some of our freeze dried foods from Emergency Essentials. I also wanted to get my niece Kayla's opinion. She has never eaten freeze dried food before so I was curious to see her reaction. We used our Emergency Essentials foods for breakfast each day.

    We made sausage & egg breakfast burritos with the freeze dried eggs & sausage crumbles. They were wonderful!!! The last morning of the trip, we had French Toast and Yoders canned bacon. I used the freeze dried egg & freeze dried milk powder reconstituted to dredge my bread in, then grilled it in a skillet. It was so good!! We used the Emergency Essentials milk pitcher to mix the milk and it worked beautifully!! The Yoders bacon was great!

     Breakfast Burritos with Emergency Essentials Food Storage

    We really enjoyed all our Emergency Essentials food. Even our niece gave it a thumbs up. That’s saying something when you can impress a teenager! The Emergency Essentials food made the trip so much easier. I didn't have to worry about refrigeration for the eggs, milk and sausage. The food was delicious and easy to prepare. I highly recommend Emergency Essentials products!!

    Deborah White

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  • Alternative Transportation: Bug Out Vehicle

    Looking for a great Bug out Vehicle idea?

    To go along with our post on last mile transportation vehicles, we wanted to share a DIY Bug out vehicle that our customer Kevin White created. If you are interested in using alternative transportation in case of an emergency, you might want to check out what he did.

    Using his 2006 Police Electra-Glide motorcycle, Kevin and his wife, Debbie, attached a trailer hitch for a 42”x 48” trailer that held all of their camping gear “to cover heat, light, shelter, food, water, cooking, sleeping, and clothing for a period of at least four days for two people.”

    In order to lighten the load and remove the need for refrigeration, Kevin and Debbie brought along freeze dried foods purchased at Emergency Essentials® and reviewed a couple of our products while they were at it. Kevin’s take on motorcycles as bug out vehicles is that “they are great if there is not mud or icy conditions” (weather is something to keep in mind if you’re considering pulling a trailer with your motorcycle).

    Here are all the items that Kevin and Debbie brought along on their trip using their trailer.

    kevin white vehicle

    And here is a list of everything they brought along with them:

    battery operated fan
    1 13'x9' tent
    1 Queen-size double-chamber air bed
    1 battery/12 volt rechargeable air pump
    2 sleeping bags
    2 pillows
    2 single burner propane stoves
    1 bottle (1 pound size) propane
    1 set of cookware( pot and frying pan)
    1 10 cup percolator
    1 full set cooking utensils
    2 lanterns (battery operated, one with hand crank)
    2 flashlights
    1 can of insect repellent
    1 camera
    1 set extra batteries for all equipment
    Food for 2 for 4 days ( spaghetti, sauce, taco seasoning,FD sausage crumbles, whole egg powder, ground beef, salsa, tortilla shells, coffee, sugar, creamer, cranberry juice, pop, water, cheese, salt, pepper, lettuce, tomatoes and prob some stuff I have forgotten
    1 ice chest
    1 mallet
    Silicone waterproofing spray
    150' rope
    Bungee cords
    2 camp chairs
    1 extended length lighter to light stoves
    3 plastic containers with lids for rehydrating foods
    3 coffee cups
    1 multi-port cell phone charger that plugs into charge port on bike
    Dish soap, dish rag, paper towels, styrofoam plates, plasticware, febreeze spray
    Extra clothing: jeans, socks, shirts etc.

    What do you think? Do you have a motorcycle? Would you ever consider one as a viable option in an emergency? Chime in via the comments.


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  • Follow-up Review from Kevin in Oklahoma

     Pinto Beans with Scoop

    Here's a quick update from Kevin in Oklahoma. Thanks for spreading the word and helping people prepare, Kevin!



    "I wanted to let you know that I brought my extra catalog to the machine shop where I work as there are at least a dozen people either using the other brand or looking for a good storage food company. As I type this there are four customers of the other brand making up orders (some for several hundred dollars’ worth) to make purchase from you! As one person put it, "I can buy a super pail of pinto beans for less than two number 10 cans of the other brand would cost me." I will probably have at least three orders put in this week not counting my own!

    I had the president of the company asking about it also—may see about doing a taste test for the whole plant! Most will take my word for it that it tastes great, and when the others get their orders and start raving about it you should get several more customers. I have been pushing the idea of re-purposing part of their monthly food budget into daily usable food storage. By the way, the person who commented on being able to buy the super pail of beans cheaper is a brand new [competitor] consultant! He has dropped his consultancy as of today and is now buying from Emergency Essentials! How's that for an endorsement!"

    --Kevin, Oklahoma

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  • Customer Review: All I Can Say is WOW!

    Hi, friends!

    Check out this fantastic product review from Kevin in Oklahoma:

    My wife Debbie and I were customers of [another] brand of storage foods because we had been able to taste them at a home demonstration and found them to be the best tasting products for storage food we had found. That is until we ordered some MyChoice™ sized cans of the Provident Pantry products from Emergency Essentials to try out. All I can say is WOW, what a shock! We tasted the sweet corn (tastes just like it is right out of the field fresh), green beans, ground beef, potato dices, freeze dried Raspberries, freeze dried Raspberry yogurt bites, and the instant fat free milk.

    Raspberry Yogurt Bites

    I work nights and the products came in after I had left for work but my wife got them and opened the freeze dried Raspberry yogurt bites and the freeze dried whole Raspberries to taste as she is VERY picky concerning the taste of those items. The text I received from her was that the food had come in but there might not be any of the Raspberry products left for me to taste when I got home! They tasted far superior to the products from the other company and were much cheaper, too! (For example, the Sweet cherries from Emergency Essentials are $15.00 per #10 can cheaper than the other brand for the same product and sizing.)

    When I got home I mixed up some of the instant nonfat milk as I am super picky on milk and tried it against some of the other company's product which I had thought was great. The Provident Pantry brand was a hands down winner in that test. I even compared it to some store bought milk we had and there was absolutely no difference in taste!

    Powdered Milk tastes delicious!

    I made up a dinner of ground beef, potato dices (reconstituted and fried like fresh potatoes), sweet corn, and green beans with a glass of freshly mixed milk and I can say without a doubt it was just like I had made all of it with fresh products from the grocery store!

    We are sold on the taste, quality, and pricing of the Emergency Essentials storage food and will be having the original members of the other brands taste test group over to let them do a tasting of the Provident Pantry brand to get their opinions on it. I will send test results on that as a follow-up. We use our storage food on a daily basis as a way to both keep it in rotation and to save money on our monthly grocery bills. The products allow us to practice portion control and virtually eliminate any leftovers that end up getting wasted and thrown out.

    We are now full time customers of Emergency Essentials and are establishing our monthly orders as part of our regular grocery shopping budget.
    Thanks for the great service!

    Kevin, Oklahoma

    Thanks, Kevin! We’re happy you’re so thrilled with our products. (We think they’re pretty great, too!) Experiences like yours are one of the reasons we love helping people prepare.


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  • Product Review - Yoder's Canned Bacon

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    This week's featured product is Yoder's Canned Bacon. Have delicious bacon with these easy-to-store cans. We've taste tested it and loved it! Yoder's Canned Bacon will make a great addition to your food storage.

    • Heat pasteurized in a sealed can
    • 100% USDA Bacon, Packed in the U.S.
    • No refrigeration before opening
    • 2-year manufacturer shelf life guarantee. Up to a 10-year shelf life
    • Compact and lightweight (only 4.5" high by 3" wide and weighs only 9 oz)
    • Approximately 50 slices per can
    • Great for emergency storage and camping or backpacking

    FS-B050 Yoders Bacon


    Recent Customer Reviews:

    Best bacon ever!!! "I ordered a case of this bacon for emergencies. HOWEVER, I was too curious so I made the mistake of opening a can. This bacon is so wonderful for ANYTHING!! But we especially love throwing it in the microwave and making BLT sandwiches. So much for emergencies! So I'm ordering more!!! I never want to run out."

    AWESOME! ...I bought one can to try it... SURELY they could not put a quality product of approximately 50 pieces of bacon in a can the size of a can of soup! Opened the can to try it and had to call my husband into the room to show him as well. We were shocked at the packaging! We immediately warmed some up in the microwave and had a bacon sandwich for breakfast. YUM! Will definitely order more. For some who have an active food storage program, do not let the price scare you. It is well worth it when you think that you can have fresh bacon and do not have to refrigerate or freeze it. We may not always be guaranteed of having electricity BUT we can rest assured if we only have a can opener!
    Patricia, NORTH CAROLINA

    Let everyone know what you think about Yoder's Bacon. Just click below on COMMENTS to leave a comment, idea, question, etc. about this product.

    Scrambled eggs and bacon

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  • Sour Cream Powder Tips

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    ... Bread machine recipes often call for powdered milk, so I substitute sour cream powder. This is because it adds a nice tang to the dough and the acidity helps the yeast to function. I have tried some other brands of sour cream powder, but none can hold a candle to this one... Provident Pantry Sour Cream Powder had a nice, tart taste that sour cream ought to have. And, because it is more sour, my doughs rise like crazy!! My breads and pizzas have never been this good. (And they were pretty good.) You can also mix it into sauces or reconstitute it...

    Sara, New York

    Sour Cream Powder is available in #10 (pictured) and MyChoice cans. Sour Cream Powder is available in #10 (pictured) and MyChoice cans.

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  • Cheese Blend Tip

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    ... I especially like to add it to casseroles and hot dishes. Adding this cheese blend to a plain white sauce recipe makes a great sauce for anything: vegetables, baked potatoes, etc...
    T Marshall, Texas

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  • Butter Powder Tip

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    ... I use less water than suggested and also add some canola oil. This makes the butter powder creamy and of a perfect consistency to spread...
              -- Carol, North Carolina
    Butter powder is available in a #10 can or a MyChoice can.

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