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MRE (Meal Ready to Eat)

Improved MRE 72-Hour Food and Water Supply

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MRE (Meal Ready to Eat)
Improved MRE 72-Hour Food and Water Supply
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This 72-Hour Food & Water Supply MRE’s (Meals-Ready-to-Eat) is a great option for camping and outdoor recreations as well as emergency preparedness and food storage. MRE's are convenient, requiring no preparation, and if stored properly, can have a great shelf life. This 72-Hour Food & Water Supply contains enough delicious meals and water for one person for three days. This supply provides a prepackaged, assorted variety of satisfying main dish entrées, MRE Heaters, sides dish entrées, desserts, bread/crackers, peanut butter, jam, cheese, drinks mixes, hard candy and utensils for added convenience. Originally designed for the U.S. Military MREs are precooked and can be eaten cold or heated. Included MRE Heater is a simple way to heat up your meal so you can enjoy a hot entrée anytime!

Their long shelf-life make them ideal for emergency kits and as apart of your food storage plan.

Learn more about MRE shelf life with our insight article - MRE Shelf Life

Additional Information

Additional Information

Approx. Weight 16 lbs
Shelf Life Up to 7 years*
Additional Info *The shelf life of an MRE is 5-7 years under appropriate storage conditions. While we procure our MREs fresh, there is an unlikely chance of receiving an MRE up to 18 months in age or older. These MREs are still in prime condition. Due to our supplier phasing out boxed MREs, some of our MREs will now arrive only as a pouch (no box). For more information on MRE shelf life, click here.

MRE is the acronym for Meals-Ready-to-Eat. These pouch meals were originally designed for our soldiers in the U.S. Military. These dishes are precooked and can be eaten cold or heated. Great attention goes into developing the recipes for MRE’s. You can also happily rotate these MRE meals into your camping, backpacking, lunches, or everyday meal planning. The on-the-go convenience of MRE’s makes them ideal for an emergency, when simplicity in providing a quick meal is crucial.

Pre-packaged assorted flavors of our popular MREs and accessories.

Box dimensions: 13” x 13” x 7 ½”

Each water pouch contains 4.2 ounces or water. Each MRE Heater is designed for one use, but can heat up to 2 MRE’s consecutively. Accessory pack includes: spork, napkin, salt, pepper and wetnap.
  • (9) - MRE Heaters
  • (9) - MRE Main Dish Entrées
  • (6) - MRE Side Dishes
  • (6) - MRE Dessert
  • (3) - MRE Drink Mix
  • (18) - Water Pouch
  • (3) - Bread/Biscuit
  • (2) - Peanut Butter
  • (1) - Jam Packet
  • (1) - Cheese Packet
  • (3) - Hard Candy
  • (9) - Accessory Pack

Depending on stock, some items in kits may require substitutions.
All substitutions will be of equal or greater value.

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