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Heat Cell™ Fuel will provide a consistent warming temperature for up to 9 hours or a cooking temperature for approximately 4 hours. Heat Cell™ Fuel will provide a consistent warming temperature for up to 9 hours or a cooking temperature for approximately 4 hours. This non-flammable heat source is relightable for use again and again. Just control your heat output by removing either one or both of the top lids. Heat Cell™ Fuel reaches maximum temperatures faster than other fuels, giving you the heat when you need it the most.

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Heat cell works!

I have used these with the folding stove. Worked great with small perk coffee pot. About 2 - 3 cups of water boiled in 15 minutes. They are easy and safe to store and carry in bug out bag and in auto emergency bag.
For peace of mind, I've got 2 of the stoves and a dozen heat cells. Very pleased.

Posted on 12/14/13 by Ann

An OK cooking source

These heat cells are handy to have but are not that great at cooking. I have not been able to boil any water with these. Around thirty minutes a cup and a half of water was stuck at 190 degrees. With a little alcohol stove i can boil the same amount of water in 5 minutes. Yes these will get the job done and they are cheap and great to have but dont expect them to be as good or better than other cookers.

{Response from Emergency Essentials - Thanks Will. You are correct in that this fuel creates a medium intensity heat compared to a gas stove as their design is longer duration at cooking temperatures. This helps to cook for 4 hours, or keep foods warm for 9 hours. Similar cans are used in catering and buffets to keep foods hot. Gas stoves are higher intensity with shorter burn time (better for boiling)

Posted on 6/3/13 by Will


I ordered one of these to see if I could use it as an alternative to storing lots of propane and other fuels. The small stove worked great, it is very sturdy and designed well to protect flame from wind if out doors, the heat cell was so simple to use, pop off lid and light. It boiled 1 cup of water in about 15 minutes and 2 cups of water in 20 minutes. I cooked several things with it. It did takes an additional 20 minutes to cook rice, about 12 minutes for pasta. This is a good product for smaller amounts if your trying to conserve fuel. If you are really wanting to conserve the burn time, this item is perfect for instant foods that need rewarming, hot water, and short boiling time, ie instant...oatmeal, rice, soup, hot chocolate. It would be great in a 72 hour kit or long term use!

Posted on 3/10/09 by Heather

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Tech Specs

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Heat Cell Fuel Instructions
Weight: 12.3 oz.
Dimensions: 3.5” diameter x 2 3/8” high
Additional Info

Safety Features:

  • Contains no alcohol or mineral wool with formaldehyde
  • Spill-resistant design
  • Offers the heat of a gelled alcohol without the hazards
  • Longer burn time offers lowest cost-per-use
  • Easy to light and reusable
  • Burns clean and odorless
  • No offensive odors associated with gelled alcohols.
  • Classified by NMFCA as a class 65 non-flammable
  • Classified by DOT, HAZMAT, IATA, IACO, and US MAIL as non-flammable acceptable for Air-Shipments
  • Spill resistant design reduces accidents and liability due to fire hazards
  • Easily re-lit with no "flashback"
  • Can be easily handled as a warmer in use
  • Self extinguishes should it fall face down
  • Classified as Non Toxic to marine life

  • Multipurpose:

  • Medium heat-over 9+ hours as a warmer for buffets, cocoa, soups and sauces depending on conditions.
  • High heat - Up to 4 hours as a cooker for buffet lines and emergency heat source depending upon conditions.
  • EcoFuel is the only product to offer the heat of a gelled alcohol without the hazards.

  • Efficient:

  • Achieve maximum temperatures quicker than other fuels.
  • Longer burn time offers lowest cost use
  • Easy to re-light at any time and condition.
  • Indefinite Shelf life and does not evaporate.
  • Reduced shelf space and DOES NOT require special flammable storage cabinets.
  • Always burns fuel at top of can providing consistent heat from beginning to end.
  • Unaffected by heat or cold.

  • Environmentally Friendly:

  • All components are 100% Bio-degradable/inert.
  • Safe for landfills.
  • Does not affect Marine habitat.
  • No Harmful Emissions, Not classified as an Air Pollutant.
  • Environmentally Clean Manufacturing Facility generates Minimal Waste during manufacturing.
    • Heat Cell™ Fuel
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