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Emergency Essentials®

Hand-Cranking Fire Starter

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Emergency Essentials®
Hand-Cranking Fire Starter
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This multi-function survival tool is a must-have in your camping and emergency supplies. It’s a flashlight, fire starter, emergency whistle, compass, and charger in one!

Get a fire going with one hand using the built-in fire starter. Leaves your second hand free to maneuver the tinder and kindling for maximum effect.

The hand-crank allows you to charge the built-in flashlight and fire starter, as well as small devices (will not charge smart phones) using the DC port and the included USB outlet cable.

The compass on the lanyard will help you navigate, and the built-in, flip-up whistle will help you communicate with your group or rescuers without having to yell.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Additional Info To use the fire starter, simply hold down the flame button when the element is flipped open. It will heat up and turn red. Touch it to your pile of tinder to begin a fire. The element will automatically shut off after the button is held down for 10 seconds. You must close the element and wait three seconds before it will heat again.

Charge this tool by turning the hand crank or using the DC port and the included USB charging cable.
Tech Specs Battery: 160mAH Lithium battery
Contents Hand-Cranking Fire Starter

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