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Warmth and Shelter

Warmth and shelter go hand in hand. A tarp or tent can provide protection from the rain, which in turn will keep you from getting cold. But it’s not just important to keep dry—shelter from the sun is just as important in hot conditions. Tarps, tents and other shelters are just as important for keeping the sun off you as they are for keeping you dry from the elements. You may also consider wearing layers of clothes to remove or add to as you get hot or cold. You don’t want to sweat in the winter because you have too many clothes on.

Warmth can be provided through many ways, including blankets, heating packs, fire, and more. Emergency blankets and sleeping bags use a reflective metalized material which reflects up to 90% of your body heat. They are lightweight and compact, which makes them a great option for your emergency kits.

Heat Packs are another simple option. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and varieties, such as adhesive body warmers, foot insole warmers, and glove warmers. They also come in reusable and single use and can provide heat for anywhere between 2-18 hours. These are excellent options to keep in your emergency kits – or to even use when spending time outside in the winter.

Fire is yet another way to provide warmth. Learn the basic skills needed to build a fire both with and without matches. If you can build a proper fire, you’ll have more than just warmth. Fire is important in cooking, giving light, and even giving you comfort during times of need.

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