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Re-sealable, screw-top lid for storage buckets. Fits most 3.5 to 7.0 gallon buckets (including 20 liter). Re-sealable, screw-top lid for storage buckets. Fits most 3.5 to 7.0 gallon buckets (including 20 liter). Now it is easy to get in and out of your storage buckets without breaking fingernails or pinching fingers! The Gamma Seal lid permanently transforms your 12" diameter bucket into an airtight/leak proof storage container. Comes in various colors (white, red, blue, yellow, green, orange or black).

  • Airtight/Keeps pests out
  • Seals for freshness
  • Keeps contents dry
  • Great for general storage

Nice lids, but hard to install

Once you get them installed, these lids are great - they open easily, and from what I can tell, they make an air-tight seal. I will buy more. However, the instructions say that "a rubber mallet may be necessary" to snap the rim of the lid onto your bucket. I found that a rubber mallet was completely ineffective; what worked was having a 173-lb man jump up and down on it!

{Response from Emergency Essentials - We're glad you found a way that worked for you Kitty. We've also found that sudden downward motions can do the job by hand as well - assuming that your bucket is empty, and you are only attaching the bucket adaptor (outer ring) portion.}

Posted on 10/14/13 by Kitty

Not leak-proof

These might be great for food storage that you are opening and closing on a regular basis, but they are NOT leak-proof, airtight, or watertight. I just found out the hard way.

{Response from Emergency Essentials - We're very sorry to hear that your experience was a bad one Jen. Please contact us at 1-800-999-1863 so we can help you troubleshoot. These bucket lids have been amazing for us over the years to turn buckets into airtight and leak-proof lids for all standard bucket sizes. Something isn't right if it isn't performing well for you, and we'll help you find out what. We look forward to hearing from you.}

Posted on 9/13/13 by jen

gamma lids

I started feeding the birds this winter, and bought a couple of lids for the buckets of bird seed. It is so easy to open and reopen the buckets with these lids. I recommend them for any buckets that you need to get into often or in a hurry.

Posted on 4/12/13 by rudy

Gamma Seal Lid

Great Idea, this is definitely going to be in my preps soon!

Posted on 2/12/13 by Eric

Good for Frequent Access

I like these lids for things I get into often. Popcorn is one of mine. Although I use #10 cans for my milk, they would be perfect for Super Pails of dry milk. I would also like to thank EE for the video on this page showing how to seal Mylar bags. THAT was REALLY helpful.

Posted on 6/4/12 by David J

Gamma Lids

These lids are the best. I use them especially for dog food. No chance the dogs will get into it and no trouble for me to get into it.

Posted on 8/26/11 by Mike

Must have item

This item is a must have if you have anything superpail.

Posted on 7/10/11 by D A

not just for food storage

We use these lids to pack a bucket with a set of dry clothes/towels etc for everyone in the family when canoeing or trailer camping.

Posted on 8/14/09 by Karla


This is great. I put it on a smaller (3 gallon?) bucket and poured a large bag of dog food into it. Now I don't have to fuss with the sack or smell the food. With a poodle puppy, I can save by buying in bulk now and not kill my fingers with normal lids that are a bear to take off. I will be ordering more for my bulk food storage, which was my original intention for this lid, but this use just sort of happened.

Posted on 2/13/09 by Christine

Rotation Made Easy

The gamma lids are the secret to my usable food storage. I keep flour, sugar, rice, oats, etc in 6 gal buckets sealed by gamma lids, then refill my kitchen canisters out of the buckets. So easy. And the different colors help me keep track of what's what.

Posted on 3/15/08 by Nikki

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Tech Specs

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Gamma Seal Info Sheet
Color choices are: White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green or Black. (MSRP $10.00)
Additional Info
Simply secure the Gamma Seal to your bucket and access items inside by unscrewing the inner portion of the lid. The outer portion contains a large O-Ring for air tight use and stays on the bucket the whole time. The inner portion also contains an O-Ring for freshness and can can be removed for easy access. Gamma Seals can be used for hundreds of household storage applications! Specially engineered gaskets ensure the lid and adapter are properly sealed, guaranteeing airtight protection. The Gamma Seal lid fits virtually any 3.5 to 7.0 gallon bucket (including 20 liter). Made in the USA.

  • Gamma Seal® Lid - White
  • Gamma Seal® Lid - White