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Maintain dental health with the convenient Fresh and Go™ toothbrush. Use for emergency kits and travel. Meets TSA carry-on requirements. Maintain dental health with the convenient Fresh & Go™ toothbrush. Use for emergency kits and travel. Meets TSA carry-on requirements. The Fresh and Go™ toothbrush includes built-in mint anti-cavity toothpaste inside the handle. Just twist the knob and toothpaste is dispensed right into the brush. Up to 30 uses. Soft nylon bristles. Snap-on protective cover keeps the toothbrush head clean between uses. Colors may vary.

Great in the back woods

I take one of these on every backpacking trip. No more forgetting the toothbrush and using the toothpaste on my finger! A great product.

Posted on 7/27/13 by Dean

Great Product

We have these in our 72 hour kits. They're also great for camping or traveling. everything is self contained. I also use them for my special needs daughter. She has a hard time squeezing the toothpaste onto the toothbrush (she gets the toothpaste everywhere). This toothbrush has solved that problem. Also great for little kids as well.

Posted on 4/9/13 by Lori

love it

These toothbrushes are super-cool! I was reluctant at first, especially about the toothpaste and how it worked. In a word - great! The toothpaste isn't bad at all (not too chalky, nor does it leave a funky aftertaste). It dispenses easily, it brushes & cleans teeth well and is rugged and tough enough so it doesn't squish out toothpaste unintentionally. Also, the form fitting cap for the brush portion that stays on well and protects the bristles from contact with any foriegn objects. Tested & approved after multiple urban & rural trips.

Posted on 2/20/13 by Downlow

A good backup toothbrush

After testing the toothbrush for about a week, this is the good and bad about this product. The good - everything is quite compacted. It is simple to use and the bristles are quite soft. Can't beat the price. The bad - don't expect it to last 30 uses. The bristles begin to fray on the first use. The cap stays in place with a plastic rod that fits in the middle of the bristles. Pulling off the cap and putting it back on frays the bristles in the middle and they eventually get in the way of the rod. Unless very careful, after about 10 uses the bristles get in the way of the cap and it cannot be put back on after use. The indifferent - the toothpaste has no flavor. Reminds me of the bland toothpaste back in the 70s. The handle above the toothpaste reservoir is a bit short and could be longer.

Posted on 7/11/11 by David

Emergency toothbrushes

This ready to use, filled w/ toothpaste toothbrush is a brilliant idea! Who doesn't want to have a toothbrush when they're stranded? I would suggest that they be put in the classroom emergency kits too - if the price can be lowered for group rates.

Posted on 1/12/08 by Sally

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Tech Specs
Brush dimensions
In packaging: 9 3/8 x 2 x 1”
Out of packaging: 7.5 x 1 x 1”
Net Weight:
.88 oz.
  • Fresh and Go™ Toothbrush (1 toothbrush)
  • Fresh and Go™ Toothbrush (1 toothbrush)