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Year Supplies

Having a year supply of food is more than just about getting you through the next apocalypse. Year supplies offer security and backup during turbulent times, including job loss, injury, natural disaster, and any other situation that may make acquiring food for your family more difficult.

Why have a year supply?

Life has a tendency to throw its worst at you right when you least expect it. Natural disasters can strike, creating food shortages. Job loss or accident can make buying food extremely difficult. Economic crisis can raise the price of food, forcing you to cut back on what you eat.

All these scenarios are viable, however by having a year supply of food on hand, these problems can be alleviated quickly. A year supply of food is the insurance you need to help your life continue as smooth as possible during – and after – any emergency.

Pick your year supply

There are a variety of year supplies to choose from, ranging from pre-prepared freeze-dried meals to make-from-scratch ingredients. No matter what your preference, there is a year supply of food waiting to help you during difficult seasons in your life. Pick an option below to get started.

Year Supply Components:

Add variety to your emergency food storage with a supplement of a delicious mix of fruits, vegetables, meats, entrées, or dairy year supply add-on. Click an option below to get started.

Don't think you can afford a year supply?

Storing a year supply of food doesn’t have to be daunting or difficult. In fact it’s easy with our PrepAsYouGo™ monthly food storage plans. PrepAsYouGo™ lets you step into preparedness at a consistent and affordable rate, receiving a well balanced shipment of food storage each month.

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