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Main Entrées & Meals

Food storage does not have to be tasteless. With freeze-dried entrées & meals you can have all the benefits of food storage but with great flavor!

Don't get stuck with just the food storage basics during an emergency. Freeze-dried entrées & meals are easy to make — Just add water!

Most of our meals are freeze-dried, which means they have a very long shelf life. Most can last 25+ years!

Freeze-Dried Entrées & Meals
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Main Entrees & Meals

When you think of emergency meals, you likely imagine shelves stocked with canned foods or military-style MRE packets. Emergency meals of the past may conjure up visions of tasteless, plain foods but that image is no longer true thanks to Emergency Essentials. Options and variety abound with our selection of emergency freeze-dried foods which not only taste great, they have an incredibly long shelf life.

Enjoy emergency meal varieties like chicken teriyaki with rice and vegetables. Dig into a tasty sweet and sour pork dinner. Warm up with a bowl of hearty potato chowder or country chili. Emergency freeze dried foods are available for breakfast, lunch, or dinner to make building your emergency food storage supply easy. Combination meals and bulk entree options are also available to ensure your emergency food supply is well-stocked with delicious, easy to prepare meal options.

The importance of building a supply of emergency meals is becoming more obvious due to the recent news headlines of catastrophes happening around the world. Hurricanes, wildfires, and other natural disasters are proving there is a need for keeping a well-stocked food supply to see you through such emergencies. As most emergencies are impossible to predict, having a solid supply of quality foods with a long shelf life is essential. BePrepared.com offers tasty meals and snacks, many with a shelf life of 25 years or more. This benefits your budget and protects your investment long term, giving you the assurance your food supply will be ready to eat when you need it most.

It’s easy to store these meals for long-term use and with such a wide selection of food choices, every member of the family can be accommodated. Our emergency freeze-dried food options offer something for everyone so both kids and adults will have access to delicious, nutritious meals. Through the freeze-drying process, nutrients and vitamins are well-preserved, ensuring your body gets what it needs. These freeze-dried meals will become your essential building block in your emergency meal supply plan.

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