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Pandemic Basic Protection Kit

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Pandemic Basic Protection Kit
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Our Pandemic Basic Protection Kit is complete with the basic essentials needed to help protect you and your family from the panic of a pandemic. Including quality supplies needed for the protection, prevention, sanitation, and sterilization of a pandemic situation. In this unpredictable world, this kit is a must have for your emergency supplies.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Additional Info Helpful explanations from the Centers for Disease Control:
"An influenza pandemic can occur when a non-human (novel) influenza virus gains the ability for efficient and sustained human-to-human transmission and then spreads globally. Influenza viruses that have the potential to cause a pandemic are referred to as ‘influenza viruses with pandemic potential.’

Examples of influenza viruses with pandemic potential include avian influenza A (H5N1) and avian influenza H7N9, which are two different "bird flu” viruses. These are non-human viruses (i.e., they are novel among humans and circulate in birds in parts of the world) so there is little to no immunity against these viruses among people. Human infections with these viruses have occurred rarely, but if either of these viruses was to change in such a way that it was able to infect humans easily and spread easily from person to person, an influenza pandemic could result.
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