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Fermipan Super 2 in 1 is a rapid-rise dry yeast that improves the texture of your homemade bread.

Expiration date on this product is February 2015

Fermipan Super 2 in 1 is a rapid-rise dry yeast that improves the texture of your homemade bread.

Fermipan Super 2 in 1 conditions heavier whole wheat flour so your bread comes out of the oven light, fluffy, and delicious. Has a two-year shelf life (unopened), making it a great addition to your basic food storage.

Fermipan provides:
  • Better dough tolerance
  • Faster fermentation
  • Fluffier loaves and rolls (even with whole wheat)
  • Longer shelf life of baked goods

Excellent for Home Ground Flour

This yeast works great for bread using 100% home ground flours. Even though it does have a conditioner built in, I still add some dough enhancer and gluten when using any flour except red winter wheat flour. Rising time with home ground flours takes longer no matter how you slice it. It will work in a bread maker using 100% home ground flour if you pause your cycle and give it some extra rise time before the bake cycle kicks in (20-45 min) even if using a whole wheat cycle. If you don't, you will have a whole wheat brick. I modify all bread machine recipes by adding an extra teaspoon or more of yeast, two extra tablespoons of water and two tablespoons less flour than called for with all bread machine recipes. Home ground flours have different moisture content than store bought and that seems to work well across the board. I have had excellent results using this yeast with and without a bread machine and am pretty pleased with it.

Posted on 3/29/13 by Runamuck

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Tech Specs
Dimensions: approx. 5” tall x 3.5” wide x approx. 2.5” thick
500 g
Additional Info
Product Date Codes Note:
This packaging uses European Date Codes which show the day, month, and year of both production dates and suggested shelf life dates (2 years). A code listed 02 12 2015 would be read as December 2nd, 2015.
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