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Earthquake Kits

Earthquake Kits

Whether you’ve survived an earthquake before or have never experienced the power of a quake, you undoubtedly realize the importance of be prepared should one occur. Having the right earthquake survival gear on hand in preparation of such a disaster will make the difference between having what you need and going without for an undetermined amount of time. Earthquake kits are a vital part of an earthquake emergency preparedness plan and everyone in your household should have one.

Earthquake survival kits include everything you will need to sustain life during the first crucial days after a quake. Kits are designed to provide for all of the basic needs of life including food, hygiene, personal safety, and protection. Our Emergency Essential survival kits are designed for a single individual or for larger groups, ensuring everyone in your family has what they need when they need it most.

Earthquake emergency kits are packed in a heavy-duty backpack, stocked with survival essentials to keep you warm and hydrated for the first three days of an earthquake. The chaos following such a natural disaster can make it difficult, if not impossible, to access basic human needs. In the days following a quake, supplies will be at a minimum without an well-stocked earthquake kit.

The benefits of buying a professionally-prepared earthquake kit is the assurance it will provide everything you need. Often, kits built from scratch will leave out important items. Another downside to homemade kits is actually putting one together. People living in earthquake zones, who are lax in creating an emergency preparedness plan, will be left scrambling during a time of crisis. Ordering a pre-packed emergency kit will ensure you have at the ready everything you need in the event of an earthquake. The kit’s contents have been well-researched and of the highest quality to ensure everything is ready to go when you are.

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