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Emergency Kit Bucket 1 Person

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Emergency Essentials®
Emergency Kit Bucket 1 Person
Sku: K7 B010

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This 1-person kit covers all your emergency basics in one easy-to-carry bucket and doubles as a seat when you get to an emergency shelter or other evacuation location. Everything you need to get through the first three days of a crisis is in this bucket.

These important basics will keep you fed (3600 calories for three days—that’s 1200 calories per day), warm, dry, and in touch with civilization (by radio).

All of this and more fits in the 4-gallon bucket, with room left for you to add custom items of your own (glasses, medications, a favorite book, etc.).

Makes a great gift for the holidays, graduation, and weddings (though for weddings we suggest the two-person emergency kit bucket)!
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