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Emergency Heat Source & Warming | Long Lasting Hand Warmers


Keeping your body warm during an emergency or survival situation is vital to staying safe. BePrepared.com offers a wide range of warming items to ensure you can retain body heat when temperatures are plummeting. Heating sources are also necessary for warmth and gives you the ability to prepare food and water in a crisis.

Basic hand warmers and reflective sleeping bags are a must for any emergency survival kit. Designed to store easily in a backpack, these tools for warmth will keep you toasty when conditions turn cold. Bring them along on your next camping or hiking trip to prevent drops in body temperature and hypothermia. Camping blankets are an affordable way to stay warm in cold weather. Made of breathable materials, moisture won’t get trapped against your body and you’ll stay dry and warm.

Invest in our high-quality Firestarter materials for your next outdoor adventure. Whether you are enjoying a night by the campfire or find yourself in an emergency situation, you’ll have a reliable fuel source for staying warm regardless of the weather conditions. Fire-starting materials are also important for ensuring your food can be heated and water can be boiled for safe drinking.

BePrepared.com also stocks portable propane heaters, safe for indoor or outdoor use. These portable heaters will provide a reliable heating source for everyone in your household during power outages and other emergencies.

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