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Emergency Power Supply, Solar Power, Handcrank Power & Generators

From natural disasters to pesky rodents, your power could go out in a flash. Fortunately, we have technology that will keep you powered up when it all goes down.

Choose from solar panels, power packs, generators, and traditional batteries to keep the lights on and your devices and appliances powered up and running. Not just for emergencies, use these alternate power sources to maintain your comforts while camping, hiking, and other outdoor adventures.

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Relying on power is now a basic instinct in today’s society. When the power goes out, many modern conveniences no longer work, leaving us feeling worried about our ability to meet the basic needs of our families. This is especially true in an emergency or survival situation. At BePrepared.com, we have a full inventory of power source options to keep you safe and capable of surviving even the harshest conditions.

There are many products available to use as an emergency power source, including solar panels, generators, batteries, and power packs. These devices will become an essential part of any emergency plan or survival kit. They will also come in handy while camping, hiking, or enjoying other outdoor adventures.

Loss of power can happen at any time. A severe thunderstorm can cause enough damage to knock power out for days. Having a reliable source of power will ensure you have access to emergency radio announcements, adequate lighting, heat, and communication during outages. Having access to a power source during times of serious emergencies will make a big difference in your ability to endure.

A full inventory of emergency power sources is available on BePrepared.com to suit your specific needs. From basic batteries to heavy-duty portable generators, you’ll be ready to make camping more convenient and enjoyable or power up after disaster strikes.

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