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Do It Yourself SuperPail Combo

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Emergency Essentials®
Do It Yourself SuperPail Combo
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This DIY SuperPail™ Combo allows you to protect your long-term storage foods from the deteriorating effects of oxygen, light, and moisture—all in the comfort of your own home. Foods protected from oxygen and light store longer, and keeping foods in plastic buckets alone leaves your foods exposed. Use this combination of food-grade plastic buckets, metallized storage bags, and oxygen absorbers to package grains, legumes, and other low-moisture foods for more effective long-term storage. For more information, see the tabs below.
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Additional Information

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0-15 lbs
16-35 lbs
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Simply fill your metalized bag with dried product, insert an oxygen absorber, heat seal the metalized bag using a warm iron or industrial sealer and then place the sealed bag inside a food grade plastic bucket and you have items that are packaged for long term storage. For any absorbers not being used immediately, place them in an air-tight storage container such as a freezer-grade zip top bag to preserve them for later use.

Oxygen absorbers protect packaged food and other products against spoilage, mold growth, color change, loss of nutritive values and loss of quality by removing residual oxygen inside the packaging (to below .01%). Effectively protect your food and extend the shelf life without the use of food additives and preservatives. There is no need for moisture to activate these fast reacting absorbers. The applications are many including: flour, grain, dried mixes, dried fruits, dehydrated vegetables, beef jerky and other meats, nuts and snacks, spices and seasonings, candies and confectionaries, bird seed and pet food, breads and cakes, cookies and pastries, dietary supplements, even art work and important documents.
6 Gallon Bucket w/ Lid
Metallized Storage Bag
10 pack of Oxygen Absorbers (2000 CC)

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