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Introducing dehydrated water! No mess, no calories, no tricky recipe - just add water! Makes a great gag gift for anyone. Introducing dehydrated water! No mess, no calories, no tricky recipe - just add water! Makes a great gag gift for anyone. Once reconstituted, you’ll have a finished product that offers dramatic health benefits. Click on the nutritional information tab to reveal just how contaminant-free this product is. Over 99.9999% moisture removal, so you are provided with an unbeatable shelf life.
  • Directions: Mix 1 Cup dehydrated water to 1 Cup water. Makes 1 Cup of water
  • No calories, trans fats, or MSG
  • Dihydrogen Monoxide Free

NOTE: For novelty purposes only. Cans come labeled, sealed, and empty. For an improved taste, just add more water.
Label Info
% Daily Value
Serving Size 1 cup (0 g)
Serving Per Container About 0
Calories 0
Calories From Fat 0
Total Fat 0g 0%
Saturated Fat 0 g 0%
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 0 mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 0 g 0%
Dietary Fiber 0 g
Sugars 0 g
Protein 0 g 0%
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin c 0%
Calcium 0%
Iron 0%

Ingredients: Dehydrated Water

Dihydrogen Monoxide Free



Ha ha! Saw this and cried from laughing! CUTE & SO FUNNY! Good Job!

Posted on 5/15/14 by Jerri

It's Great - I love it!

This is really a good clean (get it - water) joke. It's about time we put a little humor in life's journey. I say, respectfully of course, pay no attention to those sour pusses. This was a real cute & funny idea!! I bought two for my friends!! They'll love it.

Posted on 4/2/14 by Pastorjoe

you stole my idea

Years ago I came up the idea of selling Aunt Chalice's Dehydrated Water.. We were going to start with 50 varieties named after the state. One was Colorado Cool. A refreshing change from sodas, Just add water for a Cool Colorado beverages. I think I might have to use ;)o502

Posted on 4/2/14 by LEC

Too Funny!

I loved this gag gift idea. Anyone with a sense of humor will get a kick out of it.

Posted on 4/1/14 by VeronicaC

Pleasantly Surprised

I was a little disappointed in the size of the can at first until I learned that it can easily supply a family of eight for over a year.

Posted on 4/1/14 by Eric

Love it!

Made my day!!! I forward this item to many friends and relatives.

Posted on 4/1/14 by Pam

April Fool !!

What a great April Fools Day gift. Luv it !

Posted on 4/1/14 by Nancy

Amazing Shelf Life

Amazing shelf life on this product! I'll finish the review in 20 years when I open the can to see if it is still OK or has settled into unsuitability.

Posted on 4/1/14 by Arne


Question: Is there a pull tab? or is a can opener necessary? Pour spout?
;D Love the concept.

{Emergency Essentials reply: A pour spout is a genius idea! A great feature of our Small cans (known as MyChoice™ cans) is that they have a pop-top lid with no can opener needed—but the food still stores for long term. We hope you enjoy your dehydrated water, and make sure you follow the mixing instructions perfectly for the best results!}

Posted on 4/1/14 by RadarRecon

Too funny!

Does that come in a bulk size?

{Response from Emergency Essentials - We also sell it in 55 gallon barrels :)

Posted on 4/1/14 by YH

Love it.

Great white Elephant gift. You need to have a sense of humor. We stress so much about what's going on around us every day,. It's nice to have a good laugh. Thanks for providing it . :-)

Posted on 2/10/14 by Missy

I like it

it's nice to have some quirky "emergency" stuff, make life a little more fun :D

Posted on 4/26/13 by Cassandra

Very Funny

Amazing how some people have no sense of humor! Love this idea and how fun!

Posted on 4/3/13 by blklab70

Not funny!

So now, the people that prep for emergencies can expect this crap as gifts from there friends and families? No thanks!

{Response from Emergency Essentials- Thanks for the feedback. Sorry this wasn't a fit for you}

Posted on 3/26/13 by Prepper

Best product ever

This is by far the best tasting dehydrated water I ever had. We were camping near a natural fresh water spring, so the addition of that to reconstitute it probably helped a little. But seriously this is the best. And its light weight weight makes it a breeze to pack for on the go. I give it 5 stars :)

Posted on 3/22/13 by Reverendg

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Additional Info
  • Net Weight - 0 lbs 0 oz
  • Dimensions - 4.75” high x 4” diameter
  • Di-hydrogen Monoxide free
  • Settling may occur
  • Dehydrated Water MyChoice can (Novelty Item)
  • Dehydrated Water MyChoice can (Novelty Item)
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